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Many patients step into our practice with dreams of a brand new grin. Others are looking to repair damage and get their oral health back on track. Seeing these individuals walk out of our doors with a strong smile and newfound confidence is the reason behind our mission here at Marks Family Dentistry. No matter your goals, we’re honored to be a part of your oral health journey. Take a look at our Before & After gallery to explore real patient stories!


In many cases, the most conservative thing to do is to move teeth. This patient wanted to close the gaps between her front teeth but did not want to have crowns or veneers. We decided that the most conservative treatment would be with Invisalign to move them together.


Many esthetic concerns have underlying functional issues (such as grinding and wearing down of teeth). In the case below we were able to address our patient's esthetic concerns as well as her functional issues with crowns.


Sometimes implants are not an option to replace missing teeth. In this case, our patient did not have enough bone available for implant placement so we elected to do two bridges to replace the missing teeth.

Implant Rehabilitation

Many of our patients have dentition with advanced disease where the long-term prognosis of limited remaining teeth is poor. Additionally, many of these patients do not want dentures. In these cases, complete rehabilitation with implants is warranted


This patient had large restorations in his front teeth that had been replaced multiple times. We decided to do two veneers as a more esthetic long-term solution.

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