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2018 Patient Comments


I've had a wonderful experience at your office, and I'm so happy that we decided to switch dental practices.   Best decision!  My children and I have received excellent care, and we will continue our dental cleaning and  treatments at Marks Family Dentistry!  Thank you!     5 Stars     Kristen-------Ashland, VA-------July 11, 2018

As a new patient I was treated with kindness and made to feel comfortable during my visit.  Great visit!      5 Stars     Cynthia-------Ashland, VA-------July 10, 2018

 I was pleased with my visit.  Everyone was so friendly and made me feel very much at ease.     5 Stars     Frances-------Mechanicsville, VA-------July 10, 2018

Fabulous hygienist / cleaning experience.   Thank you!     5 Stars       Ellen-------Mechanicsville, VA-------July 5, 2018

 I appreciate the friendliness and kindness of the whole staff!     5 Stars       Jeanne-------Mechanicsville, VA-------July 2, 2018


Great visit as always!  Keep up the good work!  See you guys soon.     5 Stars     Dwayne-------Providence Forge, VA-------June 26, 2018

As usual the entire experience was exemplary.  Thank you for being so caring and pleasant....all staff members.     5 Stars     Patricia-------Richmond, VA-------June 25, 2018

We loved our hygienist.  She was very gentle with the cleaning and friendly with the kids.  Great Hygienist!     4.6 Stars     Katherine-------Richmond, VA-------June 25, 2018

I told my co-workers yesterday, being at Marks Family Dentistry is like being in a spa!  The customer service is outstanding, the dentists and the hygienist are amazing.  Best dentist office ever!  Thank you.     5 Stars     Susan-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 21, 2018

This is only my second visit to your office.  I find everyone to be so kind and comforting which helps ease my dental anxiety.  Today I had 3 cavities filled and was reassured as well as checked on frequently.  It is very much appreciated.     4.6 Stars       Joanna-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 21, 2018

Great visit for cleaning, X-rays and explanation of treatment needed.     5 Stars     Mary-------Ashland, VA-------June 20, 2018

Professional, efficient, friendly!     5 Stars     George-------Henrico, VA-------June 18, 2018

You guys are the A game in the RVA area.  Thanks so much for your continued attention to detail and your "we are family" approach.      5 Stars     Mark-------Glen Allen, VA-------June 14, 2018

Thanks as always for the pleasant dental visit.  You all have a wonderful staff and are much appreciated!     5 Stars     Richard-------Glen Allen, VA-------June 14, 2018

Thanks for 30 years of great dental service.     5 Stars     Linda-------Hagerstown, MD-------June 14, 2018

I am so glad that you were recommended to us when we relocated to Mechanicsville 14 years ago.  Your care, procedures, and professionalism, not to mention the great staff, all make your practice first class.  Our family thanks your families.     5 Stars     Edward-------Studley, VA-------June 13, 2018

I love going to see the Dentist.  Marks Family Dentistry is the best of the best!  Kind, professional and quality visits.     5 Stars     Kathy-------Ashland, VA-------June 11, 2018

I have been going here since I was 13 years old--excellent care and service for me and my whole  family.     5 Stars     Joyce-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 7, 2018

My hygienist did an excellent job.  Marks Family Dentistry has a remarkable business model.  They have created an environment that is state of the art and staffing second to none.     5 Stars     Donald-------Locust Hill, VA-------June 5, 2018

My hygienist was very thorough and did an excellent job. I am always impressed with the amount of time and attention I receive.     5 Stars     Kelly-------Hanover, VA-------June 1, 2018


Awesome people, awesome patient care.     5 Stars     Elizabeth-------Richmond, VA-------May 31, 2018

Everyone is always super nice. My dental hygienist is warm, friendly, competent and a good teacher. Every single person gets an A+: the front desk people, the hygienist, the doctor. Even random employees in the hall were friendly.     5 Stars     Anna-------Richmond, VA-------May 30, 2018  

After suffering from anxiety for years about dental work today was refreshing. I appreciate all that the staff did to make me comfortable and relaxed.     5 Stars     Melanie-------Mechanicsville, VA-------May 29, 2018

No problems to report. Everything was great.     5 Stars     Brent-------Hanover, VA-------May 23, 2018

Always love coming to see my hygienist and Dr. Marks!!     5 Stars     Lori-------Mechanicsville, VA-------May 23, 2018

My hygienist is very gentle when cleaning and has a fantastic bed-side manner. She represents your practice well!     5 Stars     Sharon-------Mechanicsville, VA-------May 15, 2018 

Everyone is so pleasant and professional. Always an enjoyable experience from someone who doesn't like going to the dentist.     5 Stars     Jennifer-------Richmond, VA-------May 15, 2018

Great having my hygienist  back.     5 Stars     Edward-----Richmond, VA-----May 15, 2018

I loved how I was greeted, by name, as I entered. Every team member I encountered was friendly and personable. Loved my experience!     5 Stars     Nicole-------Mechanicsville, VA-------May 10, 2018

My hygienist did a fine job today, thanks!     5 Stars     Joshua-------Mechanicsville, VA--------May 7, 2018

You can tell my hygienist she's the best.  She does a great job and she's never hurt me.  l appreciate everything that Dr. Marks has done for me, best dentist in Richmond.     5 Stars       Danny-------Richmond, VA-------May 3, 2018

Kind and very competent practice.  I have a few health issues and every effort is made to work around them.  Other practices had made me feel uncomfortable due to these issues, but not this practice.  No worries going to the dentist anymore!!!!     5 Stars       Patricia-------Glen Allen, VA-------May 1, 2018


Service was great!     5 Stars        Mike-------Mechanicsville, VA-------April 27, 2018

Everyone treated me like family.   Thanks!     5 Stars      Davidson-------Ashland, VA-------April 27, 2018

Wonderful team and they do an amazing job!  Thank you!     5 Stars-------Kathryn-------Sandston, VA-------April 26, 2018

My hygienist and Dr. Marks were both amazing as always but even more so this visit because of how they treated my daughter on her first appointment.     5 Stars     Emily-------Mechanicsville, VA-------April 25, 2018

The hygienist was very thorough and knowledgeable.  Everyone is very nice and helpful.     5 Stars     Carol-------Mechanicsville, VA-------April 25, 2018

My hygienist is the greatest!!!     5 Stars     Mary-------Mechanicsville, VA-------April 20, 2018

Great experience all around.  They do an excellent job.     5 Stars     Thomas-------Mechanicsville, VA-------April 18, 2018

The best Dentistry in town!!!  I tell all my friends and family.     5 Stars     Stacy-------Mechanicsville, VA-------April 18, 2018

I recommend your office to everyone.  Thank you for all you do!     5 Stars       Carolyn-------Bowling Green, VA-------April 17, 2018

I was happy to meet my new hygienist for the first time, and to have her take care of my teeth.  I'm always glad to see Dr. Norman and to have him monitor all my oral health.     5 Stars     Anne-------Midlothian, VA-------April 12, 2018

I am extremely pleased with the practice of Marks Family Dentistry.  Staff is always pleasant  and helpful.     5 Stars Brenda-------Glen Allen, VA-------April 9, 2018

We were so appreciative that the Marks Family Dentistry took my 93 year old mother on as a patient when she needed two teeth extracted.  The dentist we'd been going to for 7 years didn't want to do it.  Dr. Marks and his team were so nice to my mother during the appointment and completed the extractions with as little discomfort as possible.    The assistant even got a blanket / pillow for my mother to make her more comfortable.  The front desk ladies were real ambassadors as they made all of us feel welcome; we even used the back door!  Many thanks to the Marks Family Dentistry.       5 Stars     Kathleen-------Glen Allen, VA-------April 5, 2018

No complaints!     5 Stars     Karen-------Mechanicsville, VA-------April 5, 2018


I had excellent service.  Dr. Marks was very good and took the time to explain matters.  the dental assistant and hygienist were excellent, very caring.  Very good at what they did.     4.6 Stars     Andrew-------Mechanicsville, VA-------March 28, 2018

 My hygienists provided an excellent explanation of x-ray results, suggestions to help my gum problem and a thorough cleaning.   Dr. Marks as always asked the right questions in his own personal manner.   Warm, friendly, helpful office staff ended my appointment.  See you in October.     5 Stars     Shaun-------Williamsburg, VA-------March 28, 2018

The staff and everyone are great!!!!!!!!!     5 Stars     Troy-------Richmond, VA-------March 27, 2018

Loved my dental hygienist.  Thanks, Dr. Marks!     5 Stars     Susan-------Mechanicsville, VA-------March 26, 2018

Well done, as usual!  Thank you ALL for your friendliness, empathy, and professionalism     5 Stars     Jay-------Mechanicsville, VA-------March 19, 2018

I actually don't mind going to the dentist now.  I've come to know them, and they me.   Highly recommend them.     5 Stars     Danny-------Mechanicsville, VA-------March 14, 2018

Great dental practice.  Best I have ever had.     5 Stars John-------Quinton, VA-------March 12, 2018

Everybody was great as usual.     4.6 Stars     Charles-------Mechanicsville, VA-------March 7, 2018

You guys are the BEST!     5 Stars     Robert-------Midlothian, VA-------March 6, 2018

Everyone is wonderful!  Thank you for all you do for our family!    5 Stars     Nathaniel------Aylett, VA-------March 5, 2018


Love everything about the office and the staff.     5 Stars     Michelle-------Mechanicville, VA-------February 27, 2018

Dear Dr. Marks (all three of you) and Staff,  Thank you for all the care of our family.  You gave us peace of mind with our daughter  and made time to see her when she was hurt and lost her tooth.  You also saw our son when he had pain.  Thank you so much for your generosity and for treating us like family.  Hope you enjoy these donuts!  It's only a small way to thank you!  Thank you, Love The Reynolds Family-------Aylett, VA-------February 22, 2018

MFD is the best!  My family and I could not be happier with our care and your staff.     4.6 Stars       Maren-------Maidens, VA-------February 21, 2018

Everybody is friendly.  My hygienist is nice.     5  Stars     Mayme-------Mechanicville, VA-------February 19, 2018

Office staff are ALWAYS friendly and welcoming!  My hygienist is thorough, fun to be with and careful with my sensitive teeth.   Even if I move out of state, I will continue my care with Marks.  You are worth the drive!     5 Stars     Connie-------Mechanicville, VA-------February 17, 2018

Always topnotch service.  Great professional and personal care too!  So enjoy seeing that big grin on Dr. Norman's face when he mentions that little granddaughter.   5 Stars     Wendy-------Mechanicville, VA-------February 15, 2018

The staff is always helpful and courteous!  My hygienist is thorough, caring and always has a smile!     5 Stars-----Jessica-------Mechanicsville, VA-------February 15, 2018

I needed to be at work a little early today---thank you all for being very accommodating and getting me in and out quickly.  Also, I  have an area of extreme sensitivity---I appreciate you recognizing this and being very gentle in this area!!!     5 Stars-----Karen-------Mechanicville, VA-------February 13, 2018

Thanks you so much for noticing I was an hour early, and telling me another dentist was available to fix my broken tooth.     5 Stars-----Marie-----Ruther Glen, VA-----February 9, 2018

 My hygienist is great.  Takes the time to honestly answer my questions    5 Stars       Michelle-------Mechanicville, VA-------February 8, 2018

Thanks to my hygienist for the quick, but thorough visit.  As always-a pleasurable appointment.     5 Stars       Clay-------Mechanicsville VA-------February 7, 2018

I have been going to Marks Family Dentistry for 7 years.  Their care for me as a person, and the dental care I receive, is exceptional.  I don't think I have ever been in a healthcare environment for any type of care that has shown such well rounded, awesome care.   From the time you walk in the door until you're out of the door and on your way home, the compassion does not stop.  Even when the office is closed there is contact for your concerns and needs.  Thank you so much for being there.     5 Stars     Pamela-------Dunnsville, VA-------February 6, 2018

As always, Marks Family Dentistry took care of our family from the time we walked in the door until the time we left.  Both our children have braces and the hygienists took extra care to be extremely thorough, not only with the cleanings, but also meticulously explaining home care.  The kids are motivated to brush better, not an easy task to get teens excited about brushing!  The hygienist who cleans my teeth is very thoroughly as well, and without any discomfort.  Marks Family Dentistry truly lives up to their name.  Top family care!     5 Stars     Kara-------Aylett, VA-------February 6, 2018

Another easy, comfortable visit.Thanks for the wonderful care. 5 Stars-----Jeanne-------Mechanicville, VA-------February 5, 2018


Marks Family Dentistry is truly a family operation. They also make their patients feel like family and treat us like they really care about our dental health. Great personnel. 5 Stars-----Michael-------Mechanicsville, VA-------January 24, 2018

Outstanding! Have been a patient over 35 years. Always thinking ahead. Conscientious for family circumstances and willing to go the extra mile! Dr. Norman's sons have assumed these same characteristics and exude a wonderful family atmosphere in the office. 5 Stars-----Crystal-------Ashland, VA-------January 17, 2018

My hygienist is great. She is very thorough, explains what she's doing, is professional and personable. Thank you for a great experience. 5 Stars-----Mike-------Midlothian, VA-------January 18, 2018

We are fairly new to the practice. But this is the friendliest, most comfortable dental office I have even been in. We love Dr. Marks and his patient approach is so reassuring. This has nothing to do with treatment, but having something to look at during the visit is so great---brilliant to arrange the rooms to the outside! 5 Stars-----Shelley-------Mechanicsville, VA-------January 16, 2018

They are wonderful with our five children! Everyone is so nice and it has a wonderful family feel! They helped us out with a recent dental emergency ad went above all expectations! Thank you, Dr. Marks! 5 Stars-----Kristi-------Aylett, VA-------January 15, 2018

I can't thank you enough. 5 Stars-----Keith-------Mechanicsville, VA-------January 11, 2018

Excellent visit. Teeth thoroughly cleaned. 5 Stars-----Joe-------Farmville, VA-------January 11, 2018

I would just like to say how pleased I am with the treatment I've been getting. I originally came in for an abscessed tooth in incredible pain back in July, 2017. I called based on reviews online. I was able to be seen immediately. I was very nervous of what was going to happen. I have neglected my teeth for many years and feared the worse. I did end up losing that one tooth that day. But since then I have had several visits that I have been poked and drilled on. Not once have I felt uncomfortable or nervous. Now incredibly I am able to get braces, something I thought for sure wasn't even a option. My confidence in my smile and appearance is getting stronger every time I leave your office. I am so very grateful and very thankful that I found and trust your practice. I look forward to many more visits with your Dentistry. I couldn't be any happier. Thank you very much !!!!!!! 5 Stars-----William-------Mechanicsville, VA-------January 10, 2018

I LOVE THIS PRACTICE! Thank you all for all you do! 5 Stars-----Sara-------Mechanicsville, VA--------January 8, 2018

Thanks for everything! 5 Stars-----Zoe-------Hanover, VA--------January 3, 2018

Dr. Marks and all the receptionists are always so kind, considerate and compassionate. Also, when reviewing my dental history this morning, I realized that out of ALL the dentists I've EVER seen, and there have been 6, Dr. Marks is the ONLY one who has been thorough, excellent and has never hurt me. I have and will recommend this practice to everyone I know. Thank you. 5 Stars-----Leigh-------Mechanicsville, VA-------January 3, 2018

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