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2017 Patient Comments


The visit was wonderful. 5 Stars-----Joi-------Richmond, VA-------December 22, 2017

Excellent Dentist Office. 5 Stars-----Arthur-------Beltville, MD-------December 19, 2017

My hygienist was fabulous as stand-in during my hygienist's maternity absence. Thank you so much! 5 Stars-----Amy-------Mechanicsville, VA-------December 19, 2017

Always an upbeat, positive experience! 5 Stars-----Jeanne-------Mechanicsville, VA-------December 18, 2017

Great expeence as always! 5 Stars-----Brenda-----St. Stephens Church, VA-------December 8, 2017

Very Welcoming 5 Stars-----Jena-------Mechanicsville, VA-------December 8, 2017

My hygienist is amazing and does an outstanding job. I can't think of one thing to improve upon. It's a very relaxing and beautiful environment. Perfect customer service when checking in. Thank you. 5 Stars-----Susan-------Mechanicsville, VA-------December 4, 2017

Always a great experience. So thankful to find a dentist that cares about my hesitation, fear and concerns. I always recommend this dental practice when any one asks. 5 Stars-----Christie Jo-------Chesterfield, VA-------December 6, 2017

Thanks for another great well checkup. 5 Stars-----Teresa-------Mechanicsville, VA-------December 6, 2017

As always my visits to your office are Perfect and Professional. 5 Stars-----Mike-------Mechanicsville, VA-------December 6, 2017

One of the most immaculately clean dental offices one would find anywhere. Consistently friendly, courteous and professional staff throughout. Would recommend to anyone in the local area as a top notch dental practice. 5 Stars-----Sheryl-------Mechanicsville, VA-------December 4, 2017


As usual a pleasant experience working with a professional staff. 5 Stars-----Jerry-------Clarksville, VA-------November 28, 2017

I like that the check-up is so data-driven-e.g. gums are given a score. 5 Stars-----Cindy-------Ashland, VA-------November 21, 2017

Everyone is so personal and make you feel you really care...from the receptionists to the dentists. Make you feel like family. 5 Stars-----Barbara-------Mechanicsville, VA-------November 18, 2017

I appreciate you getting me right in and taking a look. 5 Stars-----JoAnn-------Mechanicsville, VA-------November 17, 2017

My hygienist is wonderful and very patient and always pleasant. Dr. Marks is very personable and friendly. They both make me feel at ease on my visits. 5 Stars-----Crystal-------Mechanicsville, VA-------November 16, 2017

I just wanted to say AGAIN thank you for seeing me this morning and fixing my tooth.I wish this world was full of people like you.I am blessed to have you as my dentist and friend. May you and your family have a Great Christmas ad a wonderful Happy new Year. 5 Stars-----Kenny-------Providence Forge, VA-------November 14, 2017

Continue to be impressed with this practice. Friendly, professional dentists and a modern, efficient office. The admin staff is a pleasure to work with as well. What's not to like? 5 Stars-----Brent-------Kinsale, VA-------November 10, 2017

Was the best experience I have ever experienced. Felt very comfortable and at ease with Dr. Marks. Would highly recommend you take the time to experience a pain free visit to Marks Family Dentistry. 4.6 Stars-----Steve-------Providence Forge, VA-------November 7, 2017

I have been a patient for three years and every staff member at the practice is friendly and professional. The commitment provided to me and my dental health is greatly appreciated. 5 Stars-----Jennifer-------Mechanicsville, VA-------November 7, 2017

I used to be really anxious about going to the dentist. I never feel that way anymore. Everyone is so nice and professional. I love going to the dentist now! 5 Stars-----Jennifer-------Richmond, VA-------November 6, 2017


Awesome people! 5 Stars-----Karen-------Sandston, VA-------October 27, 2017

Awesome and Very Professional People. Super friendly. 5 Stars------Sharon-------Mechanicsville, VA-------October 26, 2017

My hygienist was AWESOME! 5 Stars-----Zayden-------Mechanicsville, VA-------October 25, 2017

I have had many different dentists over the years from moving, and this is by far the best dentist office I have ever been too! They are so nice, caring and incredibly skilled! I highly recommend them for anyone that is looking for a great dentist! 5 Stars-----Katheryn-------Mechanicsville, VA-------October 24, 2017

Always very friendly, pleasant and professional. I enjoy my visits! 5 Stars-----Timothy-------Glen Allen, VA-------October 24, 2017

Excellent care, service and comfort. Wonderful office. Fantastic Professionals! 5 Stars-----Ashby-------Virginia Beach, VA-------October 20, 2017

Love the atmosphere. 5 Stars-----Roger-------Hanover, VA-------October 17, 2017

I love the friendly and family oriented atmosphere. And of course, the care is excellent. My 4 year old looks forward to coming to the dentist; that says it all. 5 Stars-----Melanie-------Mechanicsville, VA-------October 10, 2017

I awoke today with a new onset of pain in my right lower rear molar. I got an appointment within an hour of calling, and Dr. Marks diagnosed and repaired the problem (I guess an extraction is a repair) within an hour and a half. I very much appreciate your rapid and painless response to my problem. Your guys rock! 5 Stars-----Berk-------Mechanicsville, VA-------October 6, 2017

Dr. Marks is the best. He is up to date with my sons records and asks about how he is doing in school and sports. He always does a great job. 5 Stars-----Thomas-------Mechanicsville, VA-------October 4, 2017

My dental hygienist is extremely professional, extremely helpful and makes a dental appointment stress free. Thank you for her! 5 Stars-----Brenda-------Glen Allen, VA-------October 4, 2017

Always a great visit! My hygienist is awesome. 5 Stars Carolyn------- Mechanicsville, VA-------October 3, 201


My visits are always a pleasure. 5 Stars-----Wayne-------Mechanicsville, VA-------September 26, 2017

I truly appreciate the understanding the staff, and particularly Dr. Marks, had with my dental condition and some circumstances that I had with other appointments. Dr. Marks explained the options, allowed me to consider these options and upon agreement went on to quickly and efficiently repair my tooth. I was very satisfied with the service I received and would gladly recommend Marks Dentistry to my friends and neighbors. Thank you. 5 Stars-----Clifford-------Ashland, VA-------September 23, 2017

Marks Family Dentistry exemplifies excellent patient service and physician competence! Wonderful hygienist, cutting edge equipment. I almost like going to the dentist (well maybe not, but they make it so much better than ever before)! 5 Stars-----Stanley-------Reedville, VA-------September 21, 2017

My hygienist is great! She is easy to talk to when my mouth isn't full of her tools. It is always good to talk with Dr. Marks and hear about his most recent adventure, and I do enjoy seeing the pictures! 5 Stars-----Ed-------Richmond, VA-------September 12, 2017

Love the practice!! Excellent! 5 Stars-----Jennifer-------Mechanicsville, VA-------September 12, 2017

As always, I leave with a smile and the pleasure of reconnection with the Marks fellows. The gals are great, too. 5 Stars-----Linda-------Bremo Bluff, VA-------September 6, 2017

Enjoyed the experience! 5 Stars-----Susan-------Mechanicsville, VA-------September 5, 2017


Marks Family Dentistry is a friendly but very professional practice. All of my visits have been pleasant experiences regardless of the severity of the care I needed. 5 Stars-----Laurie-------Mechanicsville, VA-------August 29, 2017

Everyone was extremely nice and considerate. 5 Stars-----Stephanie-------Mechanicsville, VA-------August 21, 2017

Thanks for all your professional care as well as your friendship. Your team feels like family to me. 5 Stars-----Wilson-------Hanover, VA--------August 17, 2017

If my hygienist ever goes, I'm probably going too, so treat her right! 5 Stars-----Scott-------Mechanicsville, VA-------August 16, 2017

I am truly blessed to have a hygienist and a dentist that care about their patients. I highly recommend this office to anyone I know. Thank you for everything you do! 5 Stars-----Carolyn-------Bowling Green, VA-------August 17, 2017

Great staff. Excellent experience. 5 Stars-----William-------Richmond , VA-------August 14, 2017

Thanks for a great dental visit. 4.6 Stars ------Jacob-------Mechanicsville, VA-------August 8, 2017

My hygienist did a great job. Dr. Marks was excellent as usual. 5 Stars-----Will-------Glen Allen, VA-------August 7, 2017

Always a pleasure to have my dental care taken care of at Marks Family Dentistry!! Great care by Dr. Marks and his entire staff 5 Stars-----Russell-------Mechanicsville, VA-------August 3, 2017

Awesome practice 5 Stars-----Kimberly-------Richmond, VA-------August 2, 2017

Clean facility, professional friendly staff. 5 Stars-----Haynes-------Mechanicsville, VA-------August 1, 2017

We love Marks Family Dentistry! Our daughter had a wonderful experience today! 5 Stars-----Ella-------Beaverdam, VA-------August 1, 2017

Our son loves to visit. 5 Stars-----Jacob-------Mechanicsville, VA-------August 1, 2017


My hygienist is amazing. Keep up the good work 5 Stars-----Chanel-------Richmond, VA-------July 31, 2017

Great place to go! Very nice people! 5 Stars-----Joey-------Ashland, VA-------July 27, 2017

Excellent dental care as always. Thanks! 5 Stars-----Betty-------Mechanicsville, VA-------July 25, 2017

Thank you for taking such good care of my aunt and my daughterl. And most of all for taking care of my dental needs since you began your practice in the office on 301 across from WaWa. I won't say how many years that's been!!!! 5 Stars-----Brenda-------Mechanicsville, VA-------July 24, 2017

Love my hygienist!! She is great!! My daddy also loves his hygienist!!! Love all the dentists! Great service! Thank you! 5 Stars-----Kathy-------Mechanicsville, VA-------July 21, 2017

The dental hygienist who did the cleaning was excellent. She was thorough and explained everything in detail. She did some research and gave me advice about a mouthwash I should consider. Thanks for a good experience. 5 Stars-----Mike------Midlothian, VA-------July 17, 2017

First time I've met my hugienist. She is very professional, polite and friendly. Explains what she is doing. 4.6 Stars-----Judy-------Mechanicsville, VA-------July 14, 2017

I thought my hyugienist was great! 5 Stars-----Charol-------Ashland, VA-------July 13, 2017

I absolutely love Marks Family Dentistry. They have a wonderful practice and the staff is friendly, well trained, professional and a pleasure to be around. My only compalint is that I didn't find this practice earlier. 5 Stars-----Lucas-----Mechanicsville, VA-------July 9, 2017

As usual everyone was friendly and professional. Wouldn't go anywhere else. 5 Stars-----Don-------Mechanicsville, VA-------July 6, 2017

As always, superior service and care! 5 Stars-----Wendy-------Mechanicsville, VA-------July 5, 2017


I felt incredibly comfortable. Dr. Marks was very courteous, made sure I wasn't in any pain and did an awesome job with my issue. I have a lot more dental issues to resolve and actually look forward to being able to smile again. 5 Stars-----Will-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 29, 2017

My four year old said, "I love this place." after we left! 5 Stars-----Fiona-------Mechanicsville, VA--June 29, 2017

Hygienist was excellent! 5 Stars-----Joe-----Farmville, VA-------June 29, 2017

Dr. Marks makes you feel so comfortable and especialyy if you are a dental phob like me. My hugisnist is an amazing hugienist and she made the entire appointment warm and comfortable. I personally will never go anywhwere else. Thank you to everyone from the front office to all the staff. You made my phobia disappear. 5 Stars-----Mindy-------Mechanicsville, VA--June 28, 2017

Very satisfied! 5 Stars-----John-------Quinton, VA-------June 28, 2017

My hygienist as an asset to your practice. She's been my hugienist for a while, and when I was ready to move my kids from the pediatric practice to a difference practice I knew they'd love her. Both of my kids were so proud of themselves because their hygienist complimented them, and she also took time to show them the proper way to clean the backs of their teeth. My daughter said she was "awesome" and won't dread going to the dentist any longer!!!! 5 Stars-----Rebecca-------Ashlad, VA-------June 22, 2017

My hygienist is a joy! Very warm, positive and professional! The dentists are wonderful. I now look forward to my dentist appointment. 5 Stars-----Laura-----Mechanicsville, VA-------June 21, 2017

My son had a fabulous first time cleaning. The hygienist and Dr. Marks were amazing. Helped him understand what they were doing and also incorporated the dental tools into kid friendly terminology . Thank you!! 5 Stars-----Heather-------Milford, VA-------June 20, 2017

Outstanding dental clinic. The best I have ever seen, bar none. 5 Stars-----Arthur-------Beltville, MD-------June 16, 2017

My hygienist is the best! 5 Stars-----Edwin-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 14, 2017

As always my visit was the perfect blend of Professional yet Personal 5 Stars-----Mike-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 12, 2017

The hygienist and Dr. Marks gave me such a good report, that I don't need to return for 1 year---------unless!!!!!!!!!!! 5 Stars-----Dorothy-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 12, 2017

They are the best! I highly recommend Marks Family Dentistry. 5 Stars-----Bobbie-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 6, 2017

Today I had my first visit with Dr. Marks. From the moment I walked through the door and later exited, I was given hands down the absolute best care! I had been going to my now previous dentist for 10 years. I have never been greeted with such nice and truly caring people. I had never had my blood pressure, oral cancer screening, protective eye wear and an actual sit down conversation with the dentist about what my goals/intentions were. Dr. Marks and his staff did and made sure I was completely comfortable. I was literally blown away. I will definitely be back to see Dr. Marks. 5 Stars-----Kristin-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 6, 2017

My hygienist is the best hygienist I have ever had. Dr. Marks is very friendly and personable. 5 Stars-----Brenda-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 2, 2017

I can't believe I am saying this but I LOVE going to the dentist here. Nothing but great profession friendly care. 5 Stars-----Rebecca-------Ashland, VA-------June 1, 2017


My dental hygienist was very informative explaining each procedure and how the process was going. And it was good seeing Dr. Marks. He referred me to an endodontist for further root canal and then will return to him for the bridge replacement. Thank you for your service today! 5 Stars-----Cathy-------Mechanicsville, VA-------May 31, 2017

The addition of safety goggles and mouth wash to deter any germs was very much appreciated. My hygienist is pleasant and enjoyable to be around. Thank you for a great experience! 5 Stars-----Pat-------Richmond, VA-------May 30, 2017

Another great visit with a cleaning and check up!! Thanks!! 5 Stars-----Teresa-------Mechanicsville, VA-------May 25, 2017

I want to thank you for the wonderful care you give our family. You always go above and beyond. We so appreciate your taking the time for the consult with our daughter and fixing her teeth. We're never loved going to the dentist so much. 5 Stars-----Kim-------Mechanicsville, VA-------May 25, 2017

My hygienist has helped me to get over years of Dental Visit Anxiety. As a result of her bubbly laugh and comforting demeanor my oral health is in the best shape its ever been in my life. 5 Stars-----Regina-------Richmond, VA-------May 19, 2017

You guys are awesome 5 Stars-----Carrie-------Mechanicsville, VA-------May 16, 2017

My family and I have been part of the Marks Family for almost 30 years. Wouldn't change a thing. 5 Stars-----Bradford-------Glen Allen, VA-------May 12, 2017

I absolutely think this family dentistry practice is the best! They take their time, make you feel comfortable and are absolutely the best at what they do. Thank you for serving my family's dental needs for over 20 years! Our family thinks you rock! 5 Stars-----Catherine-------Mechanicsville, VA-------May 12, 2017

Best dentist I have ever been to. 5 Stars-------Robbie-------Mechanicsville, VA-------May 11, 2017

Thanks for helping me make my 5:00 appointment and still getting my teeth cleaned. My hygienist is wonderful! 5 Stars-----Mitchell-------Mechanicsville, VA-------May 11, 2017

I have been a patient of Dr. Marks for over 30 years and I have never had a problem with anyone associated with his practice. Everyone there is very professional and courteous. I highly recommend Marks Family Dentistry. 5 Stars-----John-------Sandston, VA-------May 4, 2017

Dr. Marks is simply amazing! I have known him for 35 years as my dentist and I can tell you without hesitation, that he is always kind, gentle, compassionate and knowledgeable. He is informed about current studies and successes in dentistry and because of that he works with you and is able to give you a treatment plan that will give you the best results. I cannot give him enough thanks for what he has done for my family and me. His staff is professional and courteous. 10 stars for this practice if it were available on this site! 5 Stars-----Kathleen-----Salinas CA-----May 3, 2017

Professional, skilled and exceptional in all regards. Thank you. 5 Stars-----Donna-----Kents Store, VA-----May 1, 2017

I've been a patient of Dr. Marks for over 20 years . His practice and all that are employed there make going to the dentist a pleasurable experience . All of his clients seem to be priorities rather than customers . I had an emergency in a snowstorm, and Dr. Marks told me to meet him at the office in 30 minutes . Who does that? So grateful his sons are carrying on the family business. 5 Stars-----Rich-------Mechanicsville, VA------- May 1, 2017


Always a pleasant experience! 5 Stars-----Jennifer-----Richmond, VA-----April 27, 2017

Everyone is so friendly and accommodating at your office. We always enjoy our visits and highly recommend to our friends! 5 Stars-----Annabelle-----Mechanicsville, VA-----April 27, 2017

Every staff member has always been wonderful! Very caring and friendly. 5 Stars-----Slade-----Manquin, VA-----April 19, 2017

This place is just awesome! No I don't work there! The building, parking, location, staff and the Mark's are just great people. I 'm very happy my wife found this gem years ago! Haven't been disappointed since! 5 Stars-----Terrance-----Amelia, VA-----April 14, 2017

Wonderful experience. 5 Stars-----Elizabeth------Ruther Glen, VA-----April 13, 2017

I love coming to Marks Family Dentistry!! My hygienist is is Dr. Marks! Thanks, friends! 5 Stars-----Sara-----Mechanicsville, VA-----April 11, 2017

The digital impression technology was amazing & so much more comfortable than having all the "goop" put into your mouth to make the impression like I'm used to! That was the best filling/crown experience I have ever had! Thanks Dr. Marks! 5 Stars-----Charles-----Mechanicsville, VA-----April 5, 2017

Awesome visit as usual. 5 Stars-----Roger-----Hanover, VA------April 5, 2017

Everyone was friendly, helpful and professional! 5 Stars-----Katherine-----Mechanicsville, VA-----April 5, 2017

Love dealing with a family business. 5 Stars-----Martha-----Goochland, VA-----April 4, 2017

Staff is super! A very well managed office. 5 Stars-----Baxter-------Mechanicsville, VA-------April 3, 2017

Everything was perfect! Thank you! 5 Stars-----Michael-------Mechanicsville, VA-------April 2, 2017


Always wonderful! Thanks! 5 Stars-----Ashby-------Virginia Beach, VA-------March 30, 2017

I will brush and floss more! 5 Stars-----Zachary-------Mechanicsville, VA-------March 29, 2017

My hygienist is the best ever!! She made my son's first appointment comfortable and fun! 5 Stars-----Camden-------Aylett, VA-------March 20, 2017

'Very professional and educational... 5 Stars-----Russell-------Ashland, VA-------March 29, 2017

I can't thank you enough for your kindness and help. I can finally smile without having to use my hand to cover my mouth. I pray God blesses your business for your wonderful work and help. Thank you. 5 Stars-----Judy-------Mechanicsville, VA-------March 27, 2017

I have been going to Marks Dentistry for 10 yrs and love it. 5 Stars-----Linda-------Mechanicsville, VA-------March 26, 2017

Dr. Marks , thank you soooooooooo much for working me in to your already crowded schedule to fix 2 gum line cavities; and on your wife's birthday at that!! Thank you, too, for your follow up call--sorry I missed talking with you. 5 Stars-----Diane-------Maidens, VA-------March 25, 2017

Everyone is friendly and all of the dentists are gentle and communicate with you on what they find...if anything. You are treated like family at this office! 5 Stars-----Michelle-------Stafford, VA-------March 24, 2017

Always a great experience coming to Marks Family Dentistry!! 5 Stars-----Thomas-------Richmond, VA-------March 23, 2017

You guys are amazing! I had a great experience. Thank you so much! 5 Stars-----Wendy-------Henrico, VA-------March 23, 2017

I love Dr. Marks! 5 Stars-----Peter-------Glen Allen, VA -------March 23, 2017

Courteous, friendly, efficient, professional. 5 Stars-----Dennis-------Mechanicsville, VA-------March 22, 2017

Dr. Marks is always so personal with my son asking him questions about school and sports. He also explains any issues to him in words that he can understand and follow. He always does a great job that is why we keep coming back year after year. 5 Stars-----Thomas-------Mechanicsville, VA-------March 22, 2017

I love this dentist office. The staff is so friendly and the hygienists and dentists are amazing with my son. It's always a great experience! 5 Stars-----Kenneth-------Glen Allen, VA-------March 20, 2017

I am very nervous about dentists after several bad experiences. Marks has been exceptional and Dr. Marks was awesome. Thank you guys for helping to build my trust and confidence in dentists again. I highly recommend their services!! 5 Stars-----Maria-------Mechanicsville, VA-------March 16, 2017

My hygienist was excellent with her technique and explanation of what I need to improve on. 5 Stars-----Stanley-------Ashland, VA-------March 16, 2017

From the moment I walked in, every staff member was polite and courteous. Everything that they did, they explained thoroughly before it was done to me. My hygienist was extremely skillful and professional, and my cleaning was painless. Dr. Marks was very professional and thorough with my examination. To me this is the way every type of medical care should be practiced, but such treatment of patients today is sorely lacking. I would heartily recommend Marks Family Dentistry to anyone who wants the best in dental care. 5 Stars-----William-------Mechanicsville, VA-------March 16, 2017

I am a new patient and have been blown away by how wonderful this office is- everyone from the receptionist to my hygienist and even Dr. Marks made sure to welcome me to the practice. My hygienist did an outstanding job explaining the office, making me feel comfortable, and doing a thorough cleaning. And, to top it all off, Dr. Marks sent a hand-written thank you note to my friend who had recommended them to me, within 4 days of my first appointment. Can't say I've ever looked forward to going to the dentist, but I might just start! 5 Stars-----Emily-------Mechanicsville, VA-------March 13, 2017

My hygienist was great and very gentle. It is also a very nice office. 5 Stars-----Rachel-------Mechanicsville, VA-------March 12, 2017

The doctors, hygienists and receptionists are always very nice and knowledgeable. I don't mind going to the dentist because it's not a bad experience. 5 Stars-----Kenneth-------Mechanicsville, VA-------March 10, 2017

Nice office! 5 Stars-----Mindy-------Richmond, VA-------March 10, 2017

I have a always been a dentist chicken. Fearful and just would not go until I met Dr. Marks. Thank you Marks Dentistry 5 Stars-----Lori-------Sandston, VA-------March 8, 2017

Pain free appointment which is always great! 5 Stars-----Tom-------Hanover, VA-------March 8, 2017

Great as always! 5 Stars-----Cavell--------Mechanicsville, VA-------March 7, 2017

Everyone was so friendly and professional. 5 Stars-----Nancy-------Richmond, VA-------March 6, 2017


Enjoyed the appointment. My first time with my new hygienist, and she was excellent in every regard. She was informative and educational and VERY gentle! Her chair-side manner was professional and at the same time gentle and comforting. 5 Stars-----Susan-------Mechanicsville, VA-------February 27, 2017

As a patient for over 30 years, I can tell you that you will not find a practice that has more knowledge, experience and really cares. This is a family business, and you feel like part of the family! 5 Stars-----Judy-------Mechanicsville, VA-------February 23, 2017

Dr. Marks was very efficient with the procedure. Thanks guys!! 5 Stars-----Bradley-------Ashland, VA-------February 17, 2017

I was extremely nervous but the staff was fantastic. Thank you. 5 Stars-----Brenda-------Glen Allen, VA-------February 16, 2017

Wonderful experience today. 5 Stars-----JoAnn-------Mechanicsville, VA-------February 15, 2017

The best dentist office in Richmond!!!! The staff goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome and add so many little touches to make you comfortable with your visit. You won't hate going to the dentist after you have one visit here!!! My hygienist is amazing !!!! She is so sweet and is so gentle with my teeth. Best hygienist I have ever had !!! Dr. Marks is also very nice and has a great bedside manner. He is very outgoing and listens to all my questions and concerns !!! So happy we found MFD when we moved to Richmond !!5 Stars-----Margaux-------Richmond, VA-------February 14, 2017

As pleasant a visit to the dentist as one can expect. My hygienist did a great job in a friendly atmosphere. 5 Stars-----Wilson-------Hanover, VA-------February 9, 2017

Marks recommendation from 2015 finally became a necessity (just as I expected.) I greatly appreciated that Norman and the staff could perform my crown today and relieve me of the worry I would have undoubtedly felt anticipating the procedure. As it turned out, there was no pain or inconvenience and my new crown fits perfectly! Thanks for being the friendly, competent practice that we enjoy. 5 Stars-----Berk-------Mechanicsville, VA-------February 9, 2017

I think Marks Dentistry is the best around, such a beautiful place and wonderful people! They are so thorough and gentle. 5 Stars-----Kym-------Mechanicsville, VA-------February 6, 2017

I have been to a few different dentist office, and this one is by far, the best. Everyone is very kind and personable. They are very knowledgeable and good at their jobs. I hight recommend Marks Family Dentistry 5 Stars-----Amanda-------Bumpass, VA-------February 2, 2017

Thank you for getting me in so quickly (within 24 hours of my call). Waiting time was brief and fortunately the problem was easily solved 5 Stars-----Marie-------Mechanicsville, VA-------February 1, 2017

Saw my hygienist for the first time, and I liked her professionalism, manner and technique. She explained everything and put me at ease. Dr. Marks was thorough in his exam and assured me nothing was wrong. I rate my experience A+ 5 Stars-----Suzanne-------Richmond, VA-------February 1, 2017


Here's something that you probably do not hear people say about dentists much:

I like these guys. They are direct, up-front, and honest about choices. They give you the full picture of your options, costs estimates and the upsides and downsides to those options.

We moved to the area in 2000, initially selecting a dentist office that is closer to our home. However, we became wary of that practice as they always seemed to push the most expensive things and refused to think about any other options other than whatever they consider 'protocol'.

So, we began a search for a new dentist, and folks had good things to say about the Marks Family. We made the switch in 2005.

Now, 11 - 12 years later, we have good things to say about Marks Family Dentistry too.

They are totally customer-focused; we have had emergencies (like a broken tooth) and they have met us at the practice to handle it! Nothing like dentistry at 6:30AM!

Every time one of our family has had to have a procedure done like that (wisdom teeth extraction, root canal, broken tooth, crowns, etc...) they give us a schedule of what it will cost and how much they estimate insurance will pay. Their estimates are always pretty close to what ends up happening, which improves our ability to figure out how to pay for the work. They also have a good billing program too, which we take advantage of.

On top of all that, their dentist office is nice looking, well kept, clean and has plenty of seating if you end up needing to sit a moment before your appointment or have to wait for your kid or spouse.

Lastly -- coolest thing ever is the crown milling machine that they have right in the office. Using digital technology, their system designs the crown to fit in your mouth, matches the porcelain color to your other teeth, and then mills the crown right there while you watch (if you want to). Sadly, I needed to have a crown done --- but this process was way cool watch!

Costs that we found comparable or better to the other practice we used in the area. Communications that just can't be beat. Reliable estimates. Friendly, customer focused staff.

Good dentists. Good hygienists. Good people.
5 Stars-----"Rather Live In Key West"-------Last week in January, 2017

Thank you for getting me in so quickly (within 24 hours of my call). Waiting time was brief and fortunately the problem was easily solved. 4.6 Stars-----Marie-------Mechanicsville, VA-------January 25, 2017

Friendly and efficient! 5 Stars-------Ralph-------Mechanicsville, VA-------January 25, 2017

My hygienist did an excellent job of advising me of each step of her procedures. I have rescheduled my next check up with her. 4.6 Stars-----Janice-------Mechanicsville, VA-------January 25, 2017

Clean facility with a very friendly and informative staff. 5 Stars-------Haynes-------Mechanicsville, VA-------January 24, 2017

You provide excellent service! 5 Stars-----Christina-------Ruther Glen, VA--------January 24, 2017

My dentist since the 80's. Love this family and their commitment to quick, quality and compassionate care! 5 Stars-----Linda-------Mechanicsville, VA-------January 25, 2017

Best dentist around. Been a patient for 20 years. Always prompt, excellent care, customer service is wonderful. 5 Stars-----Garth-------Urbanna, VA-------January 18, 2017

It was a very nice place, Everyone was so cordial and concerned. I don't like dentists, but Dr. Aaron was fantastic. This was my first time, and I wasn't happy about what they did, but I know it had to be done, so hopefully the worst is over and my next visit will be cleaning only. Thanks to my hygienist for all the hard work she had to do on me and I promise I will be back. 4 Stars-----Joyce-------Glen Allen, VA-------January 18, 2017

This is dentistry at a completely different level. The level of service and care are exception. I pray that the Marks legacy lasts forever. They are outstanding and would never consider another dentistry. 5 Stars------Michelle-------January 17, 2017

Always a highly friendly and professional appointment. 5 Stars-----Jeanne-------Mechanicsville, VA-------January 12, 2017

Great experience. They truly care about you. Dr. Marks and his assistant are wonderful. I thought I was going to have something biopsied, but turned out we didn't have to. His assistant seemed more relieved that I did. How awesome it is to have them truly be concerned about you and you are not just another patient. 5 Stars-----Dena-------Mechanicsville, VA-------January 9, 2017

Dr. Marks is amazing! I have known him for 36 years and have been his patient for most of that time. He has always been so patient with my family and me. I would recommend him every single time. 5 Stars-----Kathleen-------Salinas CA-------January 3, 2017

Everybody is very nice, and they work us in when we need to come in for an emergency! 5 Stars-----Maymie-------Mechanicsville, VA-------January 3, 2017

First time I met my new hygienist. She was wonderful! 5 Stars-----Patricia-------Mechanicsville, VA-------January 3, 2017

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