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2016 Patient Comments


Always available. I have been a patient over 40 years and still the same great experience.

Angela--------Richmond, VA--------December 22, 2016

Always feel like my needs are met and everyone is so caring. I wouldn't dream of going anyplace else.

James--------Mineral, VA--------December 15, 2016

The dental hygienist at today's appointment did an excellent job. After seeing another hygienist for several years, I was a little apprehensive about working with someone new. All is well and I'm happy she is a member of the team.

Sheila--------Kilmarnock, VA--------December 15, 2016

My new hygienist was very professional and did a great job.

Kevin--------Kilmarnock, VA--------December 15, 2016

The best dental hygienist I've ever had this morning! Thank you

Neil--------Richmond, VA-----December 14, 2016

Your new hygienist worked with me for the first time. She is pleasant, thorough and professional.

Dennis--------Hanover, VA--------December 13, 2016

My new hygienist is a delight. Thank you for hiring her!

Ned--------Mechanicsville, VA--------December 12, 2016

Excellent staff, friendly, and professional.

Arthur--------Beltsville, MD--------December 12, 2016

Friendly professional service as always.

Lois--------Hanover, VA--------December 12, 2016

My new hygienist is a delight - very personable!!

Mary--------Mechanicsville, VA--------December 9, 2016

Have a long history with Marks Family Dentistry and have never been disappointed with my treatment and the care provided.

Sherry--------Glen Allen, VA--------December 7, 2016

This Family Dentistry is absolutely the BEST! Anyone who is anxious about going to the dentist should go to them & ONLY them because they make it so easy & pain-free. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Y'all are amazing ! ! !

Christina--------Richmond, VA--------December 6, 2016

Such a wonderful place!! Everything is so clean and everyone makes you feel so comfortable. Loved my new hygienist!

Brittany--------St. Stephens Church, VA--------December 5, 2016

I have consistently had positive experiences at your dental practice, but I particularly enjoyed my time with my new hygienist whom I have never met before. She was personable and friendly and had a demeanor that helped keep me relaxed.

Anne--------Richmond, VA--------December 3, 2016

Nicest group of people ever!

Heather--------Mechanicsville, VA--------December 2, 2016

Going on 12 years now, and Marks Family Dentistry continues to surpass every expectation when it comes to the "visit to the dentist." The Drs. are wonderful and the staff supportive and attentive to the smallest detail. We consider ourselves so fortunate to have found them.

Edward--------Studley, VA--------December 2, 2016


I had a great experience as usual. Friendly, thoughtful, and a really comfortable cleaning. I have nothing but high remarks for this establishment. Thanks again, and have a wonderful holiday folks!!

Scottie--------Bumpass VA--------November 28, 2016

Everyone is exceptionally willing to accommodate the patients needs and are very friendly.

Eunice--------Bowling Green, VA--------November 28, 2016

This doctor's office is one that I don't mind coming into. Everyone is so friendly and helpful that it makes for a pleasant experience. Jeanne--------Mechanicsville, VA--------November 28, 2016

Second generation patient! Everything is always 5 star at Dr. Marks'.

Sarah--------Warsaw, VA---------November 24, 2016

Great dentists office! Very conveniently located and all of the dentists and hygienists are great and super friendly.

Allison--------Mechanicsville, VA--------November 22, 2016

Professional, attentive, and courteous staff. They show genuine interest and concern for my comfort every time I visit. Very warm and personable as well. Their professional recommendations are consistently sound and reasonable. My family and I have been coming here for close to 20 years.

Sheryl-------Mechanicsville, VA-------November 17, 2016

They know I am a nervous patient with very sensitive teeth - they work very hard to make me feel comfortable and relaxed.

Joyce-------Mechanicsville, VA-------November 16, 2016

Just wanted to send a note to say thank you for the Amazing Service!! We are always nervous bringing kids in and wondering how they act. You guys just knocked it out of the park. Look forward to many years of wonderful service. We will continue to recommend you guys to everyone we can !! Looking forward to our next visit. Thanks.

Mike-------Ashland, VA-------November 15, 2016

My hygienist is very thorough & friendly. The office staff are always great too. I love the early appointment times!!

Bruce-------Mechanicsville, VA-------November 12, 2016

As always I had a lovely experience visiting with you all, even got my teeth cleaned. You were all very friendly to me and my Mom. I love my hygienist and hope she never leaves. I use to be very afraid of the dentist, you have all removed my fears. Thank you HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!

Katrina-------Mechanicsville, VA-------November 10, 2016

My hygienists is the best! Smart, thorough, warm and friendly. A consummate professional!

Timothy-------Glen Allen, VA-------November 8, 2016

You guys are awesome!

Stephen-------Mechanicsville, VA-------November 8, 2016

Fantastic staff! Thank you.

Carolyn-------Bowling Green-------November 8, 2016

Thank you for helping my aunt with her partial. She is very pleased with it. Thanks again.

Ruby-------Richmond, VA-------November 6. 2016

All of the employees I've met have been very nice and they try to make my visit as comfortable as possible.

John-------Waynesboro, VA-------November 5, 2016

Marks Family Dentistry is a wonderful practice! Their front office staff is friendly and welcoming, their hygienists are gentle and informative, and all three Dr. Marks strive to get to know you and make a connection with you as a patient. I highly recommend!

Corbin-------Mechanicsville, VA-------November 8,2016

Lots of fun Today--no bad news!

Sue-------Studley, VA-------November 2, 2016

Great experience Our family is very happy here.

Marlene-------Mechanicsville, VA-------November 3, 2016

The best dental office I have ever been to. From the superior Doctors to the best staff. I would highly recommend Marks Family Dentistry to all. Thank you for everything!

Pat--------Chesterfield, VA-------- November 1, 2016


Thank you for making my dental experience wonderful for the first time in my life. I absolutely love this practice and wouldn't want you to change a thing!

Jennifer-------Mechanicsville, VA-------October 28, 2016

Quick service for a brand new patients, took me in just hours after contacting them.

Kevin--------Mechanicsville, VA--------October 27, 2016

Very pleasant experience. Everyone was very friendly

Jennifer--------Richmond, VA--------October 26, 2016

Much love to the Marks family and team.

Robbin--------Ashland, VA--------October 26, 2016

I had a very positive, helpful and eye-opening consultation/second opinion with Dr. Marks this week. I've had some issues with my teeth and have some oral surgery scheduled through my current dentist. After my consultation with Dr. Mrks, my game plan has completely changed. I was extremely impressed with him, this office, and the entire staff at Marks Family Dentistry. The receptionist, and my friend, has helped arange all of this for me, and I am truly grateful. An extra added bonus was seeing another freind greeting me at the front desk. I highly recommend this practive to anyone who wants the best possible dental care available.

Lealie--------Mechanicsville, VA--------October 25, 2016

We always have a positive experience with Marks Family Dentistry. From the staff to the dentist, everyone is so nice. My daughter always feels good with her appointments.

Sydney-------Mechanicsville, VA-------October 20, 2016

My hygienist is the best hygienist ever!

Amy-------Mechanicsville, VA-------October 20, 2016

Another solid experience!

Jonathan--------Mechanicsville, VA October 20, 2016

My hygienist was excellent. She really took care with my sensitive teeth. Very thorough, friendly and professional. The young lady who attended to me first was also so sweet and personable. She even offered to get me water! Office staff is always courteous and pleasant. I pay out of pocket to come every 4 months, and it is worth every penny. Thanks

Connie--------Mechanicsville, VA--------October 20, 2016

My hygienist always makes sure I am very comfortable. She has made going to the dentist something I look forward to instead of dread! You all are doing a wonderful job! Thank you!

Laura--------Mechanicsville, VA--------October 19, 2016

The best dentists in the area. I've been a patient for over 30 years. I started with Dr. Norman when his sons were wee tikes, and now they are dentists in the family practice. I see all three: Dr. Norman, Dr. Aaron and Dr. Brandon. All three are excellent. The staff from the hygienists. dental assistants and the office staff are all friendly, helpful and most of all cheerful. If you need a dentist that is painless and up to date on all the latest techniques, technology, and latest equipment this is the practice for you. Give them a try, and you won't be sorry. I appreciate the professionalism of your staff, and they are always able and willing to answer as many questions as I usually have.

Beverly--------Mechanicsville, VA--------October 18, 2016

Marks Family Dentsitry is awesome! I will never go anywhere else! Sservice is aALWAYS great, friendly and pleasant! I love it there!

Jennie--------Ashland, VA--------October 17, 2016

Dr. Marks is one of the best visits I have ever had. Never keep you waiting. Always professional at all times. They really care about your comfort. I highly recommend Marks Dentistry. They are the best. Give them a try. Find out for yourself. Dr. will call you later in the day to check on you. That shows you they are about you.

Rick--------Mechanicsville, VA--------October 12, 2016

It was excellent service. Thank you so much

Mion--------Mechanicsville, VA--------October 12, 2016

My hygienist is so kind and gentle with her patients. She always takes the time to explain each procedure thoroughly. Dr. Marks always makes me feel comfortable and at-ease. Overall, it's a fantastic practice.

Sharon--------Mechanicsville, VA--------October 11, 2016

Dr. Marks is amazing. Everyone was nice and the treatment wasn't painful. I walked in nervous, and I walked out happy. As along a I stay in Richmond, I would nevr go to another dentist. Would highly recommend!

Faida--------Richmond, VA--------October 10, 2016

The Doctors and Staff @ MFD are, and always have been, top-notch! Keep up the great work!

Dominick---------Mechanicsville, VA---------October 6, 2016

A job well done

Donald--------Highland Springs, VA--------October 6, 2016

Very nice practice.

Mark--------Mechanicsville, VA--------October 6, 2016


My hygienist is wonderful-always enjoy chatting with her in addition to the fact that she's a gentle and thorough hygienist.

Rebecca-------Ashland, VA-------September 28, 2016

I am so glad that I was recommended to come here when I did. This dentistry, by far, has been the best I have ever been to, now all I do is recommend my friends and family to come here

Teresa-------Mechanicsville, VA-------September 28, 2016

Another great visit as usual. Look forward to many more.

Dwayne-------Providence Forge, VA-------September 27, 2016

As always, a pleasure to visit the great folks at Marks Family Dentistry.

Thomas Richmond, VA-------September 22, 2016

I've been a client of MFD for 25 years. Dr. Marks and staff have taken excellent care of my dental needs. Just this morning my hygienist provided a thorough cleaning in a totally pleasant and informative manner. She is the best!

Brant-------Glen Allen, VA-------September 21, 2016

It has been 30 plus years and always a very favorable experience. They have the knowledge, the technique, and the latest equipment/technology.

Terry-------Richmond, VA-------September 14, 2016

Excellent care

Carolyn-------Mechanicsville, VA-------September 13, 2016

You guys are outstanding in every which way! I been to a few dentists throughout my life but not one office is as good as you guys. Thank you!

Robert-------Midlothian, VA-------September 13, 2016

Excellent care and service. My hygienist is fantastic.

Witt-------Mechanicsville, VA--------September 13, 2016

Always GREAT!!!

Ashby-------Virginia Beach, VA-------September 12, 2016

Dr. Marks is great with my son. He asks questions about how he is doing and what he is involved with at this time. He is wonderful!!

Thomas-------Mechanicsville, VA-------September 8, 2016

Have been a patient of Dr. Marks for over 30 years. He is very dedicated to the needs and concerns of the patient. I would refer him to anyone looking for an awesome dentist!

Donna-------Mechanicsville, VA-------September 8, 2016

No lengthy wait to be seen. Very nice staff. Dr Marks was very thorough, devoted a great deal of time to explain my problem and referred me to a specialist for further care. He even called the specialist himself to discuss my issue.

Jackie-------Mechanicsville, VA---------September 1, 2016


It is always a good experience at Marks Family Dentistry. Everyone is extremely professional and pleasant. Thank you.

Carol-------Richmond, VA--------August 30, 2016

Another excellent experience was had at Marks Dentistry. My boys were rough housing and one took a foot to the face. They got us in ASAP and took great care of my son. Dr Marks went above and beyond!

Michael-------Old Church, VA-------August 29, 2016

Such wonderful care and attention by each and every member on the staff.

Terry-------Henrico, VA-------August 25, 2016

I broke a tooth at 1:30, had my appointment at 3:00 and was out by 3:30 - you can't ask for better service!

Melanie-------Mechanicsville, VA-------August 23, 2016


Jean-------Hanover, VA-------August 23, 2016

Dear Marks Family Dentistry--Thank you for everyone's time, skills and patience in fixing my "problem" tooth"

Amy-------Mechanicsville, VA-------August 17, 2016

My new hygienist did a GREAT job. I have sensitive teeth and don't really like going to the dentist (sorry!), but she took really good care of me!

Tara-----August 17, 2016

I enjoyed meeting my new hygienist today. She is delightful. She was thorough, informative and gently.

Susan-------Mechanicsville, VA-------August 10, 2016

I have been going to Marks Family Dentistry for 6 yrs and never had a problem. In the past 4 months I have been seeing a new hygienist, and she is wonderful. She is a down to earth person. I would say if anyone that is looking for a great dentist place I would send them here.

Linda-------Mechanicsville, VA-------August 4, 2016

Love the scented washcloth that is handed to you if needed!

Mindy-------Richmond, VA-------August 4, 2016

Awesome Dentist and staff.

Elizabeth-------Richmond, VA-------August 3, 2016


I would not have thought I would be moved to write a review for a dentist -- but my experience at Marks Family Dentistry has been so great, I want to let other people know! I have been going here for just a few years. Because of some particular difficulties I have with dental care, I actually researched for a dentist because I learned there were new technologies that would make it easier for me to have x-rays done. Marks Family Dentistry offered the technology I needed. But more than that, I am writing this review because everyone there is so incredibly kind. The Drs. Marks are very thoughtful, they pay attention to your comfort, and show concern for whether they are causing you unneeded pain or discomfort. Everyone on staff, including the hygienists and the business staff, have all been super. Tonight Dr. Marks called me at home at 8 pm to check on me. I can't say enough good things about Marks Family Dentistry.

Margaret-------Henrico, VA-------(8:15 PM) July 28, 2015

My hygienist is great, and I love that she uses a topical on me before my cleaning (sensitive teeth from not taking care of them as well as I should). No other hygienist has ever thought to do that and it has made cleanings so much more comfortable for me. Thank you.

Angela---------Mechanicsville, VA-------July 28, 2016

I've been going to Marks for over 10 years and couldn't be happier with each and every visit

Arthur------Mechanicsville, VA-------July 28, 2016

I always feel that I've received the best of care for all my dental needs.

Vicki-------Chester, VA------July 26, 2016

My procedure was completed very fast, and without pain. I will be more at ease for any future procedures recommended to me.

Iva-------Mechanicsville, VA, July 25, 2016

I have been going to Marks Family Dentistry for 41 years. That was way before Aaron and Brandon were born. I love all of them. Very professional and GENTLE. I have NEVER had any problems with any of the work they have done on my teeth. I recommend them to all my family and friends and everyone has been more than happy with them. I love the state of the art office, same day crowns, etc.

Jennifer-------Mechanicsville, VA-------July 25, 2016

Our son had a great second dentist visit. His dental hygienist was patient and gentle with him. She talked him through the whole process and made him feel comfortable. We are very thankful for this wonderful dental practice and will recommend them to our friends.

Jacob-------Mechanicsville, VA-------July 22, 2016

My experience could not have been better!

Jane-------Mechanicsville, VA-------July 20, 2016

Thank you for continuing to provide excellent care and service. You go the extra mile.

Barbara-------Mechanicville, VA-------July 18, 2016

I am constantly amazed and forever thankful for how quickly Dr. Marks and the entire office can respond to both urgent needs and basic dare. THANK YOU

Mike-------Mechancisville, VA-------July 13, 2016

Dr. Marks was wonderful. I'm glad I came back here! Very detailed.

Alicia-------Mechanicsville, VA-------July 12, 2016

Been taking my kids here for years & they treat all my kids well. Office staff is great too! I always recommend the Marks Family to anyone that asks and needs a dentist.

Kathryn-------Mechanicsville, VA-------July 12, 2016

Thank you for the excellent work, patience, and expertise you provided me in my recent dental work. I appreciate the best in class service and steps toward improving my smile. I am confident any future dental work will eventually meet my smile standards.

Crystal-------Mechanicsville, VA-------July 11, 2016

I had to get a cavity filled and Dr. Marks took good care of me. I love how clean the office is too. Marks Family Dentistry is my dentist and will always be my dentist!!

Timmy-------Mechanicsville, VA-------July 5, 2016


Dr. Marks gave me my smile back plus my confidence some years back and I am forever singing his praises to friends who are searching for a caring , most professional dental practice!!! Thank you!!!

Antionette-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 30, 2016

We have always received exceptional service at Marks Family Dentistry. The staff are friendly and helpful and the Drs. Marks are knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest dental treatments. We have and will continue to recommended them to anyone in the area in search of top-notch dental care.

Carol-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 29, 2016

Everyone is really nice.

Dorothy-------Henrico, VA-------June 29, 2016

Great hygienist, good discussion with the dentist. Appreciate the thoroughness and professionalism.

Jonathan-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 27, 2016

Everything is fine. I enjoy my visits. Everyone is so friendly and accommodating to my specific needs. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you in January 2017.

Frances-------Richmond, VA-------June 24, 2016

They take plenty of time to answer questions. Always friendly... I love, love, love them! Best dentists we've had!

Jo-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 23, 2016

As always, an excellent experience. Everyone is extremely nice and caring.

Michael -------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 22, 2016

Great experience! My hygienist was excellent. I liked how she explained each step to me along the way.

Michael-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 21, 2016

I feel Dr Marks goes above ans beyond for his patients, at least he has for me! Plus, I don't have to wait a long time for my scheduled appointments. The whole staff is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. The office and the whole building is inviting n open, clean and neat. I am very happy a friend suggested them!!!

Irene-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 20, 2016

Professional team.

Robert-------Land O Lakes, FL-------June 20, 2016

Wow is all I have to say! This visit was one of the best dental experiences I have ever had! I have had a dental problems all my life due to a genetic issue/mutation leaving my teeth in a rough place. So into the dentist I go quite often for upkeep and repairs... The dentist I got to see was Dr. Marks. I was completely impressed by his work and really appreciated his bedside manner. What a dynamic team he and the gal that worked on me are! The staffing at the front end is a superb group of gals that work hard to explain thing very well! Thank you all so much for being an OUTSTANDING Team!

Jennette-------Mechanicsville, VA June 15, 2016

I have been coming to Marks Family Dentistry for approximately 40 years because for the staff and care I have received and continue to receive.

Katherine-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 13, 2016

Class act. Thank you for your professionalism and the friendly atmosphere. I'm starting to feel like the term "family" embedded in your logo extends beyond the Marks' trio to me somehow.

John-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 13, 2016

I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Charles-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 10, 2016

Thank you for going out of your way to put me back together again

Robert-------Mechanicsville, VA-------June 6, 2016

I have been coming here for years and my new hygienist is the best hygienist I have had. Intelligent, friendly, thorough and efficient. Dennis-----Hanover, VA-----June 7, 2016

All helped me feel at ease with this procedure.

Darlene-----Mechanicsville, VA-----June 7, 2016

Always a great visit. My friends say they dread going to the dentist, where I in fact enjoying going!

Leslie-----Mechanicsville, VA-----June 3, 2016

I had a very pleasant first time visit and will certainly return! My hygienist was so great and communicated every process. Had to get a crown fixed and it went well. Thank you!

Taryn-----Glen Allen, VA-----June 1, 2016


Everyone at this office makes you feel at home.

Debra-----Mechanicsville, VA-----May 31, 2016

My new hygeinist taught me something new. For the past several visits I've had plaque buildup at my gum line... and you've given me the technical toothbrush. It wasn't until she explained that I should brush and try to make the bristle tips disappear that I realized this brush is made to get plaque at the gum line. Now I know... and hopefully I'll do a better job on my choppers.

Mark-----Hampden Sydney, VA-----May 31, 2016

Dr. Marks is so great! I would recommend him to anyone.

Tiffany-----Mechanicsville, VA-----May 26, 2016

I almost look forward to my semi-annual visits. Wonderful staff.

Ed-----Studley, VA-----May 19, 2016

Great service and follow up calls from Dr Marks were much appreciated!

John-----Quinton, VA-----May 19, 2016

Nice seeing everyone again. Thanks to my hygienist and Dr. Marks.

Millard-----Mechanicsville, VA-----May 19, 2016

Your office and staff make dental appointments enjoyable!

Jeanne-----Mechanicsville, VA-----May 18, 2016

My wife and I both felt that our dental hygienists were excellent. She felt that her hygienist was the best that she ever had. Thanks for a having a great staff.

Earl-----Onancock, VA-----May 11, 2016

I love my new hygienist who cleaned my teeth today. She was very easy.

Mayme-----Mechanicsville, VA-----May 10, 2016

My hygienist is amazing. For years I have had dental anxiety due to one too many traumatizing dental appointments. Since having her as my hygienist, my anxieties have almost ceased, and I actually look forward to going to the dentist. Thanks! You are loved and appreciated!

Regina------Richmond, VA-----May 9, 2016


Wonderful practice! Wonderful hygienists. Thank you.

Allie--------Hanover, VA--------April 27, 2016

The front office staff is very friendly and helpful and greeted me the minute I opened the door. My hygienist was very thorough and friendly and made me feel positive about my treatment plan. The little bit of dental work I needed was scheduled within two days, which was great. I am glad I made the switch to your practice.

Biki--------Mechanicsville, VA--------April 27, 2016

I brought my Aunt in today. She had a tooth that broke off. Her former dentist had retired and the replacement said it would be best to have it pulled. I remember what Dr. Marks use to tell me that if there is any way possible, we like to save your teeth. All of her issues were addressed and questions were answered by Dr. Marks. He explained exactly what was going to be done and how long the process was. The hygienist and assistants were very friendly. My aunt was very happy and pleased. Thank you Dr. Marks!

Ruby--------Richmond, VA --------April 26, 2016

Working in a machine shop atmosphere, I enjoyed my hygienists showing me the crown making machine

Marie--------Ruther Glen, VA--------April 25, 2016

Dr. Marks is great and my hygienist is wonderful! She makes the cleaning process I have dreaded in the past a pleasant experience......that's saying a LOT! Thank so much.

Amy--------Mechanicsville, VA--------April 19, 2016

The moment I stepped into your office until the moment I left, I was so impressed with the professional and personal care I was given, I knew I had made the right decision coming there. Thank you!

Carol--------Mechanicsville, VA--------April 19, 2016

Everything was excellent

Nancy--------Weems, VA--------April 18, 2016

Outstanding service, friendliness, and professionalism for the last 6 years! Thanks!

Joshua--------Richmond, VA--------April 18, 2016

Marks Family Dentistry has been family and good friends for 25 years.

James--------Mechanicsville, VA--------April 13, 2016

Everyone was very friendly. I have always been scared to go to the dentist. Now I look forward to going. My Granddaughter is now also going after I told her how great the staff treated me. Keep up the Great Work.

Irene--------Mechanicsville, VA--------April 12, 2016

My hygienists is great, gentle with a great bedside manner. Dr. Marks really cares about his patients whole health, not just the teeth. I could feel his concern when my blood pressure reading was high and he encouraged me to follow up with my physician. Overall, this is a fantastic practice, and I will highly recommend to everyone I know.

Sharon--------Mechanicsville, VA--------April 5, 2016

I have found Marks Family Dentistry to be professional and always responsive and helpful.

Stephen--------Mechanicsville, VA--------April 5, 2016

A very pleasant visit. Over and above expectations! I love the calm friendly atmosphere and attentiveness.

Carol--------Mechanicsville, VA--------April 5, 2016


My family and I love going to Marks Family Dentistry! They always make you feel super comfortable and make sure you are 100% satisfied with any procedures before you walk out the door. They are especially sensitive to those who aren't the most comfortable with going to the dentist in the first place.

Denise--------Mechanicsville, VA--------March 29, 2016

Very pleased as always!

Jennie--------Mechanicsville, VA--------March 28, 2016

Wonderful as always!

Shania--------Mechanicsville, VA--------March 25, 2016

Have referred others to this practice. I cannot say enough good about it. Friendly personable, professional and very modern facilities. About as nice as a trip to the dentist can be!

Brent--------Kinsale, VA--------March 18, 2016

Thank you for being gentle with my mouth.

Eunice--------Bowling Green, VA--------March 15, 2016

We had only been out of the office for 45 minutes today when my 6 year old asked me when do we get to go back to the dentist? I responded with 181 days. She was so sad. She said she loves going to the dentist and wanted to go back later this week. This tells how comfortable she is with the staff and all their super cool machines and tools.

Mazie--------Mechanicsville, VA--------March 14, 2016

My hygienist is awesome! She is the best hygienist I have ever gone to and super understanding.

Emily--------Mechanicsville, VA--------March 10, 2016

Everyone is very friendly and help to make my kids feel comfortable! The Dental Hygienists are great!

Jack--------Glen Allen, VA--------March 9, 2016

Great all around experience!

Ashby--------Virginia Beach, VA--------March 9, 2016

I really enjoy Marks Family Dentistry. For the past two years I have come to enjoy all three dentists and had an exceptional hygienist. The personal touch of the team, timely appointments, and overall exceptional experience have me recommending this practice to my family and co-workers.

Kellen--------Mechanicsville, VA--------March 9, 2016

AWESOME! I love the thank you note they sent and that's saying a lot when a company takes the time to say they appreciate their clients. It had been 7 years since I had been to the dentist. I HATE the dentist and Doctor Marks and the dental assistant really helped me feel comfortable.. The dentist hygienist was also very friendly and very processional! I can happily say I am no longer terrified maybe just nervous. I will definitely be back! Every six months! I had a great experience!

Jennifer--------Milford, VA--------March 2, 2016

A pleasant and professional experience as usual.

A. B.--------Richmond, VA--------March 2, 2016

My hygienists is the best! She makes sure you are always comfortable. Thanks!

Laura--------Mechanicsville, VA--------March 1, 2016

Very personable, professional, and pleasant practice

Carolyn-----Mechanicsville, VA-----March 1, 2016


My hygienist is great, thorough and gentle with my sensitive teeth!

Connie--------Mechanicsville, VA--------February 23, 2016

I love Marks Family Dentistry (as much as anyone can love the dentist)

Charol--------Ashland, VA--------February 22, 2016

The staff and dentists continue to amaze me with their attention to the patient experience! Thank you

Eleanor--------Mechanicsville, VA--------February 22, 2016

Everyone at Marks Family Dentistry takes good care of me and my family and friends. I highly recommend your services and staff at every opportunity.

Terry--------Henrico, VA--------February 19, 2016

Everyone I interfaced with was excellent.

Gloria--------Aylett, VA--------February 18, 2016

My hygienist was one of the most informative and clearest in communicating that I have ever had. I appreciate her level of skill and knowledge.

Geoffery--------Mechanicsville, VA--------February 17, 2016

I loved my experience at Marks Family Dentistry! The entire staff was extremely nice and so helpful with paperwork! They were timely with everything, I didn't have to wait around at all. They were very thorough with the cleaning and examination and even let me know about ways to get the white spots off of my teeth that no other dentist had ever mentioned!! I would highly recommend them!

Never thought going to the dentist would be a favorite part of my day. We managed a conversation about wineries, weddings, and rural life between spits. So nice to have the crew stop in to inquire about my family. From 1st greeting to a relatively painless exit payment (the procedures are always painless), I will come back from over an hour away.

Linda--------Bremo Bluff, VA--------February 12, 2016

Dr. a great Dentist. I meet Dr. Marks at the free clinic where he donates his time.. Now that I have insurance, I knew that I wanted Dr. Marks as my Dentist.

Charles--------Mechanicsville, VA--------February 11, 2016

All the dentists, dental hygienists and staff in this practice are great, and I really appreciate the hygienist I go to, Andrea. Anything you need done, they can take care of.

Claudia--------Mechanicsville, VA--------February 11, 2016

It makes me feel old to say this, but my family has been going to Marks Family Dentistry for decades. Drs. Norman, Brandon and Aaron are fabulous dentists. They are great with kids and patient with people who are anxious about going to the dentist. While I may dread dental procedures, I always look forward to seeing Drs. Norman, Aaron and Brandon. I trust them to take good care of my family. They really care about their patients on both a professional and personal level. The hygienists and assistants are all great too! We would never consider going somewhere else!

Dana--------Glen Allen, VA--------February 9, 2016

I loved my experience at Marks Family Dentistry! The entire staff was extremely nice and so helpful with paperwork! They were timely with everything, I didn't have to wait around at all. They were very thorough with the cleaning and examination and even let me know about ways to get the white spots off of my teeth that no other dentist had ever mentioned!! I would highly recommend them!

Hannah--------Mechanicsville, VA--------February 5, 2016

Completely satisfied

Jean--------Hanover, VA--------February 8, 2016

I always feel welcomed and well taken care of during my visits. The friendliest staff around!I

Brandon--------Quinton, VA--------February 4, 2016

Our family of 6 has been going to Marks Family Dentistry for the past 10 years. As soon as you walk in the door, the first thing you notice is how clean and aesthetically pleasing the office is. You are treated warmly by all, from the receptionists to the hygienists to all three dentists. They take the time to talk to you and explain any issues or concerns. Upon leaving you are always offered a bottle of water for the road. If you have a cavity filled or anything beyond a cleaning the dentist personally calls to check on you. At Marks Family Dentistry they mark their i's and cross their t's!

Alex--------Mechanicsville, VA--------February 3, 2016

I had my first visit at this practice yesterday. my hygienist did an amazing job! She was very informative and showed me the correct and most effective ways to help keep my mouth in tip top shape. Dr. Marks was wonderful as well. He was very thorough and explained every step of my exam to me. I will definitely be sticking with this practice.

Megan-------Mechanicsville, VA--------February 3, 2016

Dr. Marks, we sincerely appreciate coming to your office. You and your staff provide a wonderful, quality service. Thank you.

Dana--------Mechanicsville, VA--------February 2, 2016

Awesome dental practice from the time you walk in the door to the time you walk out! Elizabeth--------Richmond, VA--------February 2, 2016

I love this dentist! A+ Alexis--------Mechanicsville, VA--------February 1, 2016

Going to the dentist had always been my most unfavorite thing to do. After coming to Marks Dentistry, it has become much more pleasant and doable!! Thanks to everyone for making this *almost* an enjoyable time! I no longer dread coming. Gail--------Mechanicsville, VA---------February 1, 2016


I love the atmosphere and friendliness of everyone there. I am very happy with my move to this family dentistry and will recommend Marks to everyone!

Etta--------Mechanicsville, VA--------January 28, 2016

My hygienist was excellent

Kimberly--------Mechanicsville, VA--------January 28, 2016

My hygienist is a wonderful !!!! Her personality makes going to the dentist enjoyable !!

Margaux--------Richmond, VA--------January 26, 2016

Everything went well and the discomfort is all gone.

Martha--------Ashland, VA--------January 21, 2016

Today was only my second visit (though my son has been coming here for a year or 2). My first visit was a squeeze in to replace a filling that was coming out and today was for a six month check up and cleaning. My hygienist was more thorough than any I've ever had. I have sensitive spots on certain teeth and immediately tense up for scaling. She offered to put the numbing gel on my gums which actually really helped, and I've never been offered that before. The staff is great. I have yet to meet an unfriendly person!

Angela--------Mechanbicsville, VA---------January 20, 2016

I no longer have dentist anxiety since becoming a patient. Dr Aaron and his assistant could not have been any better today. Thank you!

Karen--------Sandston, VA--------January 18, 2016

I have been going to them for 3 years now and love their team.

Linda--------Mechanicsville, VA---------January 14, 2016

I really enjoy going to the dentist they are so nice and I feel relaxed when I am there I use to not feel that before with other dentists

Betty--------Aylett, VA--------January 14, 2016

My hygienist is an excellent tech. She was gentle with her "scraping" and very helpful with her recommendations for my dental hygiene. Dr. Marks is always a pleasure to chat with. Go Duke!

Stanley--------Ashland, VA--------January 14, 2016

I'm all referred out! I have been a very happy customer for several years now and have referred everyone I know to this dental practice. In fact, I even brought my 84 year old mother from Maryland to have dental work done and she said: "In all her eighty four years, she has never received better care and treatment than she did from Dr. Marks and his sons. The entire staff was a pleasure to work with and the office was so clean and professionally run . Thanks to all of you!

Cathy--------Mechanicsville, VA--------January 13, 2016

Really nice people!

Karen-----Richmond, VA-----January 13, 2016

You guys are the best!

Robert-----Midlothian, VA-----January 11, 2016

A new year and collectively, you all still rock. Keep up the great work.

Terrence-----Highland Springs, VA-----January 7, 2016

Thank you for your excellent care, love my hygienist. She is friendly and does a super job.

Tona-----Mechanicsville, VA-----January 4, 2016

My son had his first dental cleaning and it was successful. Mom and Dad were on pins and needles. Thank-you Andi & Dr. N. Marks...A lot of patience and creative explanations by everyone did the trick. ...and the treasure box!

Jacob-----Mechanicsville, VA-----January 1, 2016

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