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2013 Patient Comments


Dr. Marks you have the most loving caring staff in the world. They are the best. And you are very caring doctor too. I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Joseph----------Mechanicsville, VA----------December 31, 2013

Great place. Everyone is nice.

Anonymous---------December 31, 2013

Very professional environment and customer care is a priority. We always feel welcome.

Joseph---------Mechanicsville, VA----------December 31, 2013

Everyone was so thoughtful and kind.

Jeffrey----------Richmond, VA----------December 19, 2013

I have never felt more like a guest at a dentist office. I appreciated feeling like more than just another patient. Everyone was so kind and helpful. The dentist and hygienist took their time. It really makes a difference.

Anonymous----------December 19, 2013

A friendly smile, as well as quick work by a knowledgeable, professional staff is how I describe Marks Family Dentistry.

Anonymous----------December 19, 2013

Excellent Dentistry, GREAT staff!

Robert----------Mechanicsville, VA----------December 18, 2013

I always love coming to my appointments. Each staff member is truly awesome.

Caleb--------Mechanicsville, VA----------December 18, 2013

Fantastic. Thanks, you guys are great!

Lewis---------Mechanicsville, VA---------December 17, 2013

As always, my experience was great! The people at Marks Family Dentistry (from the receptionist, to the dental hygienist, to the dentist himself) are the best!

Anonymous---------December 17, 2013

Dr. Marks is so professional and kind. Excellent!

Anonymous---------December 15, 2013

Love my dentist - the office staff, dental assistants, hygienist and dentists are great. Everyone is friendly and caring. The dentists regardless of which one I get always take the time to talk, and you don't feel like they are in a hurry to push you out the door. Even my 11 year-old doesn't mind her dental visits - it's never a fight. I have referred 2 different friends to them.

Melanie----------Mechanicsville, VA----------December 14, 2013

Wonderful Staff - Great service

Michelle----------Mechanicsville, VA----------December 12, 2013

I have always been happy with my visits to Marks Family Dentistry. I think my hygienists does a great job with my cleanings. She takes her time and is meticulous in her work. I try to make my appointments around her availability because of the job she does. Drs. Brandon, Aaron and Norman always seem happy to see you and treat you more like a friend than just a patient.

James---------Mechanicsville, VA---------December 11, 2013

As always, every visit is a delightful experience because of the warm and friendly staff. Dr. Marks has always been, and continues to be, such a caring professional! I cannot imagine going to any other dental office. This office has my utmost confidence in its professionalism and my deep respect for all of its staff.

Anonymous---------December 11, 2013

You are great! I love Dr. Marks, he did great job. No.problems. I used have to go adjust the bite None this time.

Mayme----------Mechanicsville, VA----------December 11, 2013

Office is very clean and attractive. Staff are all happy, caring and courteous and efficient. The view from every room - spectacular! Very nice place!

Mary-----------Glen Allen, VA----------December 11, 2013

I had a great experience at Mark's Family Dentistry. I normally hate going to the dentist and wait as long as possible (2 years or so!) before going back! But after this visit...they might actually get me back in the office for a 6 month check-up.

Anonymous----------December 7, 2013

Always a fantastic experience at Mark's Family Dentistry.

Chris---------Mechanicsville, VA---------December 6, 2013

Excellent job. Cleaning and exam went very well. Good advice on cleaning.

David---------Mechanicsville, VA----------December 4, 2013


Been going to Dr Marks for many years and have always been very pleased with their professionalism.

Eunice-----------Mechanicsville, VA-----------November 26, 2013

I have been going to Marks Family Dentistry for 25 years. They have an excellent staff! I went from father to sons and they are all equally excellent dentists. I would recommend their services to anyone who wants excellent dentists and a friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Linda-----------Richmond, VA----------November 23, 2013

I have been to many , many , many dentists, and have some very difficult experiences, Dr. Marks is the BEST dentist I have ever been to. he truly cares about MY TEETH and oral health, not just "get em ", and" get em" out like other dental practices!.....I challenge everyone to name one other dentist that calls them at home later to check on them!

Steven----------Mechanicsville, VA----------November 21, 2013

As always my visit to Marks Family Dentistry is an amazing experience. Everyone is very friendly and willing to make my visit as pleasant as possible.

Frances----------Allen, VA----------November 21, 2013

Wouldn't think of going anywhere else

Ross----------Mechanicsville, VA----------November 20, 2013

Love, love, love my hygienist! And of course, my dentist.

Anonymous----------November 20, 2013

Always excellent, what else is to be said.

Rod----------Goochland, VA----------November 19, 2013

It was great! I learned a lot about making a crown.

Thomas----------Mechanicsville, VA----------November 15, 2013

I have always loved going to Marks Family Dentistry. Everyone there is very nice and friendly. Very warm atmosphere. Would highly recommend

Kristy----------Mechanicsville, VA----------November 14, 2013

It is always a nice experience to see everyone when we go for our 6 months check up. We have been patients for so long it is like visiting good friends. Service was great, on time, no waiting. Electronic updating experience was a good one! Looking forward to our next visit.

Susan----------Mechanicsville, VA----------November 13, 2013

My hygienist gave me a thorough exam and cleaning. What a friendly staff.

William----------Hanover, VA----------November 12, 2013

Always excellent, what else is to be said.

Lori----------Mechanicsville, VA----------November 12, 2013

Best Dental Practice Period.

James----------Mechanicsville, VA----------November 12, 2013

Dr. Marks is wonderful. My son needed a cavity filled and he called that evening to check on him. The staff is great and everyone is welcoming and nice. I love this office and wished we had come here sooner!

Anonymous----------November 12, 2013

Always excellent, what else is to be said.

Terrance----------Highland Springs, VA----------November 12, 2013

Great visit, as usual! It is always nice to see everyone. Happy Holidays to all.

Susan----------Mechanicsville, VA----------November 13, 2013

You should be very proud of the staff you have selected! What great care from the minute I walked in to the minute I walked out! Dr. Norman Marks even called me at home that evening to make sure I was doing ok. That has NEVER happened before! So glad I chose your office for our dental care! I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a dental group.

Lori----------Mechanicsville, VA-----------Novenber 11, 2013

Knowledgeable and caring. First rate facility. Very consistent service.

Anonymous----------November 6, 2013

The whole staff goes out of their way to be both friendly and helpful. They also work with patients who do not enjoy the dentist experience. I would recommend their services to anyone who is scared of visiting the dentist.

Anonymous----------November 6, 2013

Always GREAT!

Donna----------Mechanicsville, VA----------November 3, 2013

The biggest benefit of Marks Family Dentistry is how up to date their practice is with modern technology. I feel I am getting the best service due to the technology embraced on both the administrative (such as iPad forms) and patient care aspects of the practice. The friendliness and care of the staff is also a plus.

Emily----------Richmond, VA----------November 3, 2013

Dr. Marks always checks on how I'm doing and tries to keep me comfortable during treatment.

Lyn----------Mechanicsville, VA----------November 2, 2013


Great treatment, as always.

Betty--------Mechanicsville--------October 31, 2013

As always, going to the dentist at Marks is like visiting with good friends. Everyone is glad to see you, you are treated with respect and kindness, and any problems are dealt with in the highest professional way. I am so glad I found you.

Anonymous--------October 30, 2013

Outstanding as usual. Thanks to the entire staff for an excellent experience.

Mike--------Midlothian, VA--------October 30, 2013

Wow!!! Thanks Guys and Gals for my first fun dental visit ever. From the moment I walked in to the time I left. Everyone is so happy and nice so I guess you all are Stuck with me as a patient for a while. Thanks again.

Paul--------Mechanicsville--------October 29, 2013

A pleasant experience all around with friendly people in each area of my visit.

Jeanne--------Mechanicsville--------October 24, 2013

Modern facility with great smiles.

Anonymous--------October 25, 2013

Staff and Dr. Marks make you feel comfortable and explain as you go along..while I am very uptight about dental work..they do their best to relieve the stress

Donna--------Mechanicsville-------October 24, 2013

I had broken a tooth and had an appointment with 30 minutes of my call. I always receive excellent treatment and this was no exception. The entire staff makes a difference and that is why I highly recommend this practice.

Edward--------Ashland, VA--------October 15, 2013

Best dental experience ever. The staff are the most pleasant, polite & caring people I have ever dealt with. Highly recommended. Thank you for everything, taking the time to explain what I should do on my next appointment to use as much of my benefits available & giving me a payment plan, which is greatly appreciated. I have a great experience every time I come there. See you next month.

Belinda--------Mechanicsville--------October 18, 2013

I love you guys! I've never had a bad experience... always happy and welcoming.

Always a good experience.

Jo--------Mechanicsville--------October 17, 2013

I was in quick and had everything that I need done at the Dr Aaron worked fast but was good at what he did.

Vonda--------Glen Allen--------October 16, 2013

The dental experience was fantastic and was everything I had hoped it would be. I loved the staff and very professional. I will definitely recommend anyone to Marks Family Dentistry office.

Suzanne--------Richmond, VA--------October 16, 2013

I received wonderful care during my recent visit, as always. Dr. Marks and staff truly make me feel comfortable and informed on what is happening during my dental procedures. Thank you for making my appointments stress free!

Anonymous--------October 15, 2013

We recently moved to Mechanicsville from Williamsburg and had out first check-ups/cleanings at Marks Family Dentistry. The staff (from the front desk to the hygienist to the dentist) were spectacular. Moving is always stressful and changing health care providers contributes to that, especially when you've had the same dentist for several years. I am so pleased that we no longer need to worry about where we will go for our dental care. I highly recommend Marks Family Dentistry. Many thanks to Dr. Marks and my hygienist for an outstanding exam/cleaning visit! I will highly recommend you!

Lori--------Mechanicsville--------October 15, 2013

A friend referred me to Dr. Marks years ago at a time when I had neglected my teeth out of fear of the dentist. His effective use of anesthetics and his quick and sure work soon had me more relaxed about my visits. The practice hires great hygienists, including the one who has been taking care of me since she started. I very much appreciate her quickness and her gentle touch, as well as her sense of humor. I also appreciate Dr. Marks' efforts to take full advantage of developments in dentistry techniques and equipment. I have now been a satisfied patient for 25 years and consider him a good friend

John----------Richmond, VA----------October 15, 2013

Dr. Marks is the best. His practice takes special care to make sure you are comfortable and pain free. He has done a great job with all my dental needs.

Anonymous----------October 15, 2013

No different than all the other visits, as pleasant as the dentist can be. Actually better.

Danny----------Mechanicsville----------October 11, 2013

Customer service is outstanding, Follow up fantastic, Associates Friendly

Scott----------Mechanicsville----------October 11, 2013

My family has been very pleased with our care over the years from Marks Family Dentistry. They are they always willing to work you in when there is an unexpected problem or a time issue problem. I'm impressed with the follow up after your appointment. The staff is caring and professional, we have closer dentists, but we don't mind driving the extra time for excellent care.

Martha----------Goochland, VA----------October 10, 2013

My family has always received the best and most professional care from Marks Family Dentistry. They are willing to work you in during an unexpected problem or a time related issue. There staff is always caring and interested in you, you're not just a number. I have always been impressed by the follow up to see that you are doing ok the next day after a visit. We live in western , and there are closer dentists to my home, but I don't mine driving a little further to receive excellent care.

Anonymous--------October 7, 2013

Excellent friendly professional - everyone from the front desk to the hygienist, to Dr. Marks. I just so wish I would have found you all a long time ago!

Ashley--------Glen Allen, VA--------October 7, 2013

Best dental experience I ever had. Great kind and compassionate staff.

Sandra--------Richmond, VA--------October 7, 2013

This was the first time I had any work done at Marks. I have to say it was best dental experience I have ever had! Not only will I recommend Mark's Family to my friends but I will not be going to any other dentist again. Thanks to you all for your hard work and dedication.

Matthew--------Mechanicsville--------October 4, 2013

A great experience! Such a professional and caring environment.

Pam Bell--------Glen Allen, VA--------October 3, 2013

Excellent service, the staff was friendly and professional. Service is consistently excellent

Anonymous--------October 3, 2013

Minus the painful cleaning due to my lack of flossing, I had a great experience. Thank you to everyone involved in making my dental visit as pleasant as possible. Everyone from the front desk to the dentist was very friendly and welcoming. My hygienist was fabulous!

Mary--------Mechanicsville, VA--------October 3, 2013

Great experience every visit! They are truly caring and compassionate to your individual needs. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Christine--------Goochland, VA--------October 3, 2013

Your service was outstanding as always! Very friendly, professional, and efficient in your tasks. You were thorough with my treatment. Like most folks, visiting the dentist isn't the most fun thing I do, but you make it much less painful and hassle free.

Glen Hawkins--------Mechanicsville, VA--------October 2, 2013

Always a pleasure dealing with everyone at Marks Family Dentistry. Everyone always makes me feel very comfortable, and I am confident I am getting the best treatment every time I schedule an appointment.

Anonymous--------October 2, 2013

Going to Marks Family Dentist is a pleasant experience. The staff are very friendly, courteous and well trained. The doctors are very sociable, knowledgeable, considerate and extremely up to date with the latest technology. Almost every time I visit there is something new.

Victoria--------Mechanicsville, VA--------October 1, 2013


The dentists and the staff were very professional and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone for looking good dental care.

John--------Quinton--------September 25, 2013

my experience was very good....look forward to seeing you guys again..

Melissa--------Richmond, VA--------September 25, 2013

Beautiful office. Very friendly and competent staff. Will continue to use the services of Dr. Marks in the future.

Debra--------Glen Allen, VA--------September 25, 2013

Service is consistently excellent

Mike--------Mechanicsville--------September 24, 2013

Appointment is right on time, staff is very courteous and thorough, explaining what they are doing and as always, Dr. Marks is the best.

Garth--------Urbanna, VA--------September 24, 2013

Came in with fear, pain and uncertainty. Was met with cordial, assuring expertise. All was explained and sufficient humor applied so that I left with tooth saved, prescription in hand, and a weight of my shoulders. Surely worth the drive of over an hour and a relationship that has included 5 moves over 25 years and watching 2 young men grow into the stature of their dad.

Linda--------Bremo Bluff--------September 24, 2013

Everyone always makes me feel comfortable and I am confident I am getting the best treatment every time I schedule an appointment.

Susen--------Manassas, VA--------September 24, 2013

As always, my experience at Marks was excellent. I have never been to a dentist that has shown as much professionalism or provided the kid glove treatment they do. From the moment you walk in the door, you are treated like a VIP and every care is taken to ensure that you are comfortable. Very impressed. Definitely my dentist for life!.

Stephen--------Mechanicsville--------September 19, 2013

Love, love, love my hygienist. She is very gentle with me, as I am a big baby just to have my teeth cleaned. I have been coming to Dr. Marks for 40+ years and love this practice.

Julia--------Aylett, VA--------September 18, 2013

I have been going to Marks Family Dentistry for around 30 years. I have seen all three of the Marks dentists, and they are all the best. They are all extremely gentle and compassionate about their work.

Ann-------Bowling Green, VA-----September 14, 2013

Started coming there about 2 years ago, I believe, maybe three. And it only took the first time with the great front desk staff to make me feel welcome and as a part of the practice. I have only been to two dentist offices in my whole 24 years and I want to keep it that way. My hygienist is always great and personable! And all of the Marks guys are wonderful. I think I have worked with all three of them at some point. Just like anyone getting your mouth poked at is not my favorite, but it's not a big issue knowing I'm in such good hands!! Want to keep this smile for the next 100 years!!! Thanks to all and see you soon!!

Alicia--------Richmond, VA--------September 12, 2013

Friendly, on time and clean teeth!!

Jan--------Richmond, VA--------September 11, 2013

As usual, the care given to my teeth and gums on my recent visit was excellent. Andrea is an excellent hygienist. She is conscientious and thorough in her work. All the Drs. Marks are excellent dentists.

Anonymous--------September 11, 2013

Dr. Norman had to perform a root canal after the x-ray showed an abscess. The procedure went smoothly. Dr. Marks explained post - procedure routine and called that evening to make sure I was doing OK. I would never think of going to another dental practice. Thank you all for your efficiency, kindness, and understanding.

Shaun--------Williamsburg, VA--------September 11, 2013

I received an extensive exam. I was told of potential issues or problems. I was offered solutions

Thomas--------Mechanicsville--------September 11, 2013

If you are looking for the very best, then, this is the place.

Terry--------Richmond, VA--------September 11, 2013

Didn't feel a thing

Coleman--------Mechanicsville--------September 11, 2013

Excellent work as always!!

Russell--------Mechanicsville--------September 10, 2013

My appointment time was on time, cleaning & checkup was pleasant. Always a friendly office

Sharon--------Mechanicsville--------September 10, 2013

took my fear of the dentist as a valid concern, and did everything possible to alleviate it!.it was the best dentist visit i have ever had! even called me at home that evening to see how i was doing...what dentist does that?

Steve--------Mechanicsville--------September 10, 2013

I consistently receive prompt, courteous service from Marks Family Dentistry. Check-in staff are courteous and friendly. I have never had to wait in the waiting room more than a couple of minutes. All the dental clinicians give great quality care in a relaxing environment. Each dental chair faces a huge window where the patient can enjoy looking outside. Or, if you prefer, you can watch the flat screen TV that is in each dental room. (The patient has the remote.)

Amy--------Richmond, VA--------September 8, 2013

I had a very good checkup and filling experience.

Richard--------Mechanicsville--------September 4, 2013

Great staff!!!

Kathleen--------Glen Allen, VA--------September 5, 2013

Great employees!!!

Anonymous--------September 4, 2013

Visiting the dentist isn't something that people look forward to but when I have an appointment at Marks Family Dentistry, I don't see it as something that is terrible but an enjoyable experience. Each time I visit, everyone has a smile on their face and treat me with the utmost respect and courtesy. My hygienist was a great, and it's easy to see that she loves her job, knows what she's doing and cares about her patients. Dr. Marks is always great, and I'm glad I can call him a friend. If anyone I know is looking for a new dentist, I'm quick to point them in your direction. I can think of at least 3 people who have visited you as new patients. If I could select higher that a 5, I would.

Berkeley--------Farmville, VA--------September 4, 2013

Always a courteous, professional experience for over thirty plus years.

Russell--------Mechanicsville--------September 3, 2013


Very kind and thorough as always! My teeth feel squeaky clean!!

Brittany--------Richmond, VA--------August 30, 2013


Michelle--------Mechanicsville--------August 30, 2013

Very kind and thorough as always! My teeth feel squeaky clean!!

Brittany----------Richmond, VA----------August 30, 2013

As always, the staff was efficient, competent, and friendly!

Nellie--------Mechanicsville--------August 30, 2013


Michelle----------Mechanicsville----------August 30, 2013

As always, the staff was efficient, competent, and friendly!

Nellie----------Mechanicsville----------August 30, 2013

Great as always!!!!

Ashby----------Virginia Beach, VA----------August 29, 2013

Everything was great. Friendly, fast, professional.

Brent----------Hanover, VA----------August 29, 2013

My hygienist is always pleasant, and a joy to have clean my teeth

Michelle----------Richmond, VA----------August 28, 2013

The staff is friendly and professional, and are very concerned about your dental health. Always willing to offer suggestions on proper dental health. Work very hard to keep pain under control during procedures.

Anonymous----------August 28, 2013

I have been going to Marks Family Dentistry for over 30 years. Prior to that my dental experiences had created "dentist anxiety." However, the staff has always been warm, courteous, patient and understanding. I really don't mind going to the dentist because I know it will be as painless as possible no matter what the procedure. To this day, I am still touched that Dr. Marks always calls the same evening after I have undergone a dental procedure to check on how I am feeling. In talking with my friends who go to other dental offices, I know this is very unique! Also, when I have a dental emergency, it was addressed immediately. I truly appreciate the entire staff. I never feel like "just another patient"; I always feel special. Thank you Marks Family Dentistry!

Beth----------Mechanicsville----------August 27, 2013

I just love my dentist. (The father) The sons are wonderful as well. You must go for yourself and experience the excellent care provided by the dentist and staff at Marks Family Dentistry. Thank you for always calling to make sure I am doing OK after my procedures.

Dianne----------Richmond, VA----------August 25, 2013

Everything went great!

Katherine----------Mechanicsville----------August 22, 2013

As is always true, the dentist knew exactly what to do, and made my correction excellently. As always the dentist and staff were cheerful, skilled and attentive to my needs. Thank you very much.

Anne-----------Midlothian, VA----------August 22, 2013

I love Marks Family Dentistry and highly recommend them!

Tammy----------Mechanicsville----------August 20, 2013

Love my hygienist ! !

Susan----------Mechanicsville----------August 21, 2013

These folks are the best in the business.

Jason----------Hampden-Sydney, VA----------August 21, 2013

Very satisfied with over 25 years of service from Dr. Marks and staff.

Matthew----------Richland, WA----------August 20, 2013

Always professional and caring!

Donna----------Mechanicsville----------August 20, 2013

Love my hygienist and everyone else is so pleasant and friendly.

Heather----------Milford, VA----------August 20, 2013

I have been with Marks Family Dentistry as long as I can remember. I have never had a bad experience!!

Anonymous----------August 20, 2013

Dr. Marks is a fantastic dentist and always does an excellent job. I requested bonding to be done to reshape a tooth , and he took the time to understand my concerns and even followed up the following week to ensure I didn't have any complications.

Anne----------Midlothian, VA---------- August 19, 2013

For me there is no other dentist that I would rather go to. They make you feel real comfortable and relaxed. I haven't felt that with in other dentist before. I would be sure and tell my friends and colleagues about you.

Betty----------Aylett, VA----------August 18, 2013

Punctual, friendly and efficient staff and dentist.

Michelle----------Mechanicsville----------August 17, 2013

I would like to thank Dr. Marks and his staff for the great service that was rendered me. Dr. Marks was just wonderful, I was in severe pain and not only did he have me to come Friday and when the problem continued he came in on Sunday to pull my tooth. He was such a blessing to me. I could not thank him enough. God bless him and his entire staff. Thank you.

Ray----------Mechanicsville----------August 17, 2013

Thank you for being so efficient and personable!

Cassey----------Mechanicsville----------August 16, 2013

Very friendly and patient. I had a tooth pulled and I am having it replaced. It was nice to go to one practice to do it all.

Patricia----------Mechanicsville----------August 16, 2013

My experience was very good. I couldn't even feel the needle going in multiple times which is the norm. Dr. Marks does a very good job of doing his job and is not aggressive in any way. He explains what is going to be done and is receptive to answering any questions. I trust his judgment.

Robert----------Creedmoor, NC----------August 14, 2013

Best filling ever! Didn't feel a thing.....

Catherine----------Mechanicsville----------August 13, 2013

Fantastic group with industry changing technology and staff always willing to go above and beyond.

Charles----------Chester, VA----------August 13, 2013

Great experience....great staff!

Sherri----------Chester, VA----------August 12, 2013

I had a 6 month cleaning and it went well. I was shown respect and courtesy by each person I interacted with.

Robert----------Creedmoor, N C----------August 12, 2013

Always a calming experience when Norman comes in on his day off to take care of me. Of course, sedation doesn't leave a lot of memory.

Anonymous----------August 11, 2013

I broke a molar while eating a SOFT oatmeal cookie on our 30th anniversary! Imagine that! 'Stone ground' oatmeal, no doubt! As soon as we picked up a cell signal on the way home from the West Virginia mountains, I called Marks Family Dentistry.

They quickly came to my rescue by offering an appointment at 8 AM the next day!!! When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to be handed an electronic pad to update my information. Dr. Marks and the assistant worked very hard to make me a crown, and I was ready to leave in two hours. See you again for my six months check up. Thank you all so very much!

Susan----------Old Church----------August 11, 2013

I met with Dr. Marks with an emergency broken tooth. His staff arranged for me to come in immediately, and was delighted by the efficiency of his assistants and his gentle nature. Would recommend this family practice to anyone. Norman, your son is a true professional.

Jerry----------Old Church, VA----------August 10, 2013

Wonderful as always. My hub and entire family come here. We have been patients for many years. Very friendly staff that is efficient and professional. The doctors are wonderful. The entire place is very clean and organized. Love the texts for reminders. Very busy place but they do a great job getting you in and working on requests.

Christina----------Hanover, VA----------August 10, 2013

I had a great experience from timely reminders, to greeting on arrival, and professional care though out the entire process. I will continue to recommend Marks Dentistry to family and friends.

Anonymous---------August 9, 2013

My experience with Marks family Dentistry has always been wonderful. I have been with them since the 70s. I would recommend them to anyone. The staff is always pleasant and very competent. Dr. Marks and his sons always make me feel at ease.

Bonnie----------Mechanicsville----------August 9, 2013

Best dentist I have seen in a long time. Clean up to date. Treat u like they r glad u r there. How nice. My son wants to go there also. Thanks

Carol----------Bruington, VA----------August 8, 2013

Very personalized and caring service!

Thomas----------Mechanicsville----------August 8, 2013

Cassie did a great job as usual. Even though she was in pain from her shoulder, she did her work flawlessly. Dr. Norman was also as professional and genial as ever.

Jimmy----------Richmond----------August 8, 2013

The whole staff is excellent. Very friendly and professional. I have been going to Marks Family Dentistry since I was a small child and will continue to do so for a long time.

Joshua----------Mechanicsville----------August 8, 2013

After going to Marks Family Dentistry for nearly 10 years, I no longer fear going to the dentist. Thank you so much for being consistently caring, efficient, and professional. I feel like I am in good hands!

Aimee----------Ashland, VA----------August 6, 2013

Ever since I have been going to Marks Family Dentistry my experience has always been awesome!!! Dr. Marks has always made feel comfortable at all times, thanks to him and his assistants I will always come back. Thanks for making me look better and feel better about myself. Your establishment is top notch!!!!!

John----------Chester, VA----------August 6, 2013

Treated like family...

Shaun----------Williamsburg, VA----------August 6, 2013

Gerry is a wonderful hygienist and is very considerate and friendly during the cleaning session. Dr. Aaron answered all my questions and was cordial and welcoming, as always.

Anne----------Midlothian,VA----------August 3, 2013

As always the staff were very friendly and welcoming, the facility was top-notch and the work was done on time, quickly and in a professional manner. A follow-up call in the early evening after the morning procedure was a welcome touch.

Tracy----------Mechanicsville----------August 2, 2013

Very good appointment. My hygienist always does a great job cleaning my teeth, minimizing the discomfort where my teeth are sensitive due to receding gums.

James----------Mechanicsville----------August 1, 2013

Awesome as usual! Professional, comfortable and extremely gentle.

Mindy----------Mechanicsville----------August 1, 2013


Always a good experience, no matter what you're having done. Comfort is a great concern to them.

Cindy----------Ashland----------July 31, 2013

The personal relationship you develop with this office is unheard of this day and time. Customer Service is terrific. Always a friendly environment.

Anonymous----------July 30, 2013

It's all about quality...very high quality. Every time!

Terry----------Richmond, VA----------July 30, 2013


Anonymous----------July 27, 2013

Excellent care and very friendly and helpful staff and dentists! Highly recommend

Anonymous----------July 26, 2013

Excellent customer service and staff!

Samantha----------Ashland, VA----------July 26, 2013

I can honestly say now, in my entire life experience with dentists, Dr. Marks & family are my hands down favorite. It's always positive, pleasant, & so far, pain free, even in the pocket book!

Leigh----------Mechanicsville----------July 26, 2013

AMAZED by the technology! Watched my crown being made. Dr. Marks and the staff are great. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Billie----------Chester,VA----------July 26, 2013

I have been going to Marks Family Dentistry for over 35 years and continue to do so because of the friendly knowledgeable staff and the comfortable office environment you have created for your patients. You have made going to the dentist as enjoyable an experience as possible. Thank you!

Katherine----------Mechanicsville----------July 22, 2013

As usual, very professional and personable. I would recommend the Marks Family to anyone.

Anonymous----------July 18, 2013

As always the staff, service, and facilities were superb. I've been a loyal patient for over twenty years.

A. B.----------Glen Allen----------July 18, 2013

The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Anonymous----------July 16, 2013

I am treated with respect as I walk in the door. The office is clean, the bathroom has mouthwash. I like the 5% discount for paying at time of service. Dr. Marks is professional and personable.

John----------Mechanicsville----------July 16, 2013

The facility was clean and friendly as always. The staff was very friendly and for the most part accommodating to my needs. I have been coming to Marks for over 20 years will keep going back and would recommend to anyone.

Anonymous----------July 15, 2013

What a great experience! Not only did the dentist have a lot knowledge but the assistant as well! She was so nice and made me feel so comfortable about the work that I needed done! She let me know step by step what was going to happen! Dr. Marks and the employees at Marks Family Dentistry are wonderful! I'm telling everyone!

Anonymous----------July 14, 2013

Exceptional care

Anonymous----------July 11, 2013

Have always been pleased with the service I receive, Been a patient for over 30 years.

Mary----------Richmond, VA----------July 11, 2013

Dr. Marks is always upbeat and friendly. He does a thorough job. He never seems rushed.

Anonymous----------July 11, 2013

Marks Family Dentistry is very professional and extremely thorough, even for just a cleaning and checkup. They are concerned about your overall health, not just your teeth. It's obvious that they appreciate each and every patient. The lobby and offices are always immaculate and relaxing. I've been recommending Marks for years.

Louis----------North Chesterfield, VA----------July 11, 2013

Short wait, efficient staff and a very professional, personable dentist. You cannot ask for more!

Shaun----------Williamsburg, VA---------July 11, 2013

Great and friendly service.

Melissa----------Mechanicsville-----------July 9, 2013

I was happy with the cleaning of my teeth. I don't think I have been treated by any other dentist. I am glad that I found out about Dr. Marks.

Vonda----------Glen Allen----------July 8, 2013

My hygienist was excellent! Quick efficient and painless! Good job!

Vicki----------Mechanicsville----------July 8, 2013

I'm always amazed at how quickly a new cap can be made and replaced within such a short period of time. My recent experience was uneventful and actually relaxing. Dr. Marks and the assistant make a wonderful team, and I always know I'm in good hands. All the staff at Marks Family Dentistry are the best! Thank you.

Jean----------Mechanicsville----------July 5, 2013

Great service! Always very friendly and professional.

Christine----------Richmond, VA----------July 4, 2013

Another good experience at the dentist!

Jeanne----------Mechanicsville----------July 2, 2013

My hygienist is excellent and explains everything to my satisfaction. Always goes into detail on what she does.

Edward----------Ashland, VA---------July 2, 2013


Great Dental Care as always!!

Teresa----------Mechanicsville----------June 30, 2013

As a new patient I was welcomed and assisted with paperwork in such a nice way.

Kristopher (New Patient) ----------Mechanicsville----------June 28, 2013

I came in with a broken molar and Dr. Marks prepared my tooth and inserted a new, permanent crown. I was impressed at how all of that could be done in about two hours and I don't have to return. Thanks for a great job!

David----------Mechanicsville----------June 28, 2013

Everyone is awesome and the experience was great!!!!!!

Anonymous----------June 28, 2013

I could not have been any happier with the care I received today, my first visit to Marks Family Dentistry. I was greeted with a smile, professionally explained my paperwork, I was quickly escorted back to the station where I would receive care. The dental hygienist was professional, though, and explained why and what she was doing. Overall an exceptional experience! I highly recommend Marks Family Dentistry to anyone looking for a great dental experience!

Michael (New Patient)----------Mechanicsville---------June 26, 2013

Great Experience!

Yvonne----------Laneville, VA----------June 25, 2013

Fantastic staff and an excellent experience. As always.

Nicholas----------Mechanicsville---------June 25, 2013

Thank you all for making things so easy. Everyone truly showed a level of professionalism that is rarely seen anymore . I will definitely be back and will be recommending your practice to my entire family and all of my friends. Everyone at the practice was wonderful and made my visit so easy.

Cindy----------Aylett, VA----------June 22, 2013

I enjoyed the temp hygienist. Her passion for her job was evident in how she cared for me. The entire office staff is always courteous and this visit was no different.

Susan----------Mechanicsville----------June 22, 2013

One word "Awesome". They were friendly, fast and knowledgeable. My experience with Marks dentistry was very pleasant. They were very friendly, professional and quick. It was actually the best visit I have even had at a dentist office and it only took one trip. I did not have to make return visits for correction fitting. Thank you so much for taking me in on such short notice and making me feel like family.

Roxanne (New Patient)----------Ashland, VA----------June 22, 2013

My experience was great. It makes me want to have a check up more than twice per year.

Mark----------Richmond, VA----------June 21, 2013


Kathy----------Mechanicsville----------June 21, 2013

They were so flexible and able to take me in when I was in such pain at 6:30 am! I didn't have an appointment, but Dr. Marks was able to squeeze me in at the last minute. Thank you!

Christine----------Richmond, VA----------June 19, 2013

Thank you so much for seeing me on such a short notice. I had a terrible experience with a dentist in the past & since then I have let my teeth go, but I feel so much better about seeing a dentist now. I will be back!

I had to have an emergency extraction yesterday & called @ 11:30am thinking I wasn't getting an appointment since they close at 1pm on Fridays. They said to come on in & I would be worked in! Now, the reason I allowed a rotten tooth to get to the point of needing an emergency is because I am scared to death of dentists. But Dr. Marks is an excellent dentist, and I had the best experience I've ever had at the dentist. It's inspired me to return and take better care of my teeth. And I scheduled a follow up visit while I was there. The only negative is I have no dental insurance , and he is expensive, but I feel he's worth every penny considering everything. I would rather pay too much for a dentist I can trust than less for a dentist I'm apprehensive of. Thank you so much, you have made me feel at ease about my next appointment.

Katie----------Ashland, VA----------June 15, 2013

Great visit as always!

Robert----------Mechanicsville---------June 14, 2013

As usual I was greeted by the smiling staff, and had but a moment to peruse the front page of the daily news before I was summoned by the hygienist for X-rays and a very thorough cleaning. When completed, Dr. Marks came in and gave me the once (or twice) over. Proclaimed fit for another 6 months I realized that it is a pleasure going to the dentist. Never thought I would say that when younger. Together, the Marks team and I have taken very good care of my dental health.

Edward----------Studley, VA----------June 13, 2013

An excellent experience as usual. Thanks for your wonderful kindness and excellent customer service which never disappoints.

Teresa--------Mechanicsville----------June 11, 2013

My first time and the experience was great and pain free.

Lewis Holley (New Patient)----------Mechanicsville----------June 8, 2013

It was great!! No complaints!

Mendy-------Richmond----------June 8, 2013

Excellent As Always... The Best Dentist! You Guys Are The Best And I Really Do Appreciate All That You Do. Thanks.

Christopher----------Mechanicsville----------June 6, 2013

Thanks! Now I am not afraid. No pain. Nice people. I will never go anywhere else. You can call me for a personal reference. They really treated me well.

Victor (New Patient)----------Powhatan, VA----------June 2, 2013

My hygenist was great...I’m always scared to go to the dentist ...yes, at 28 years old. But she made me feel so comfortable. I would recommend anyone to go there. Oh yes, and the staff was awesome!!! It was a great experience!

Tiffany-------Richmond, VA----------June 4, 2013

I was extremely happy that my crown could be saved. Dr. Marks was very professional, explained what he was doing..I will be going back soon. My husband is also seeing him in the future.

Marjorie Lynn (New Patient)----------Quinton, VA----------June 4, 2013

Wonderful, as always!

Shelly----------Mechanicsville----------June 4, 2013

Excellent Dentist. I recommend to everyone.

Elizabeth----------Richmond, VA----------June 4, 2013


Dr. Marks and my hygienist are a great team. Efficient and thorough. I highly recommend the Marks family dental practice. I have been seen my Dr. Noman Marks, Dr. Aaron Marks and Dr Brandon Marks, all are wonderful.

Anne----------Mechanicsville----------May 31, 2013


Arthur----------Glen Allen----------May 30, 2013

Excellent care as always

David----------Mechanicsville----------May 30, 2013

The staff was friendly and courteous. My hygienist was quick and thorough and on time. She worked with me (since I told her I had a gag reflex) during my x-rays. The dentist exam was comprehensive and he explained everything to me.

Carol-----------Mechanicsville----------May 28, 2013

AWESOME!! That is all I need to say...great staff, hygienists and doctors! Thank you!

Anna----------Richmond----------May 23, 2013

As always a wonderful experience with great people and good conversation. Flexible schedule is a bonus. Thanks again!

Fred----------Mechanicsville----------May 23, 2013

My hygienist is the best! Thanks!

Anonymous-----------May 23, 2013

My new hygienist was quick and efficient. I must be doing better with my daily maintenance because she complimented me on my brushing and flossing!

Stanley----------Ashland, VA----------May 22, 2013

Crown on broken tooth in 1 hour, 10 min. REALLY. They are top of the line in having the equipment to do this. I usually hate the dentist, especially having major work done, but this was so amazing. Thanks, thanks, and thanks.

Carol----------Mechanicsville----------May 16, 2013

My hygienist and Dr. Marks are fantastic ! The whole staff is always friendly and knowledgeable.

Bruce----------Richmond----------May 16, 2013


Ken----------Mechanicsville----------May 15, 2013

Dr. Marks is a very caring dentist and I come from Washington, DC to get my dental work done. A great practice.

Linda----------Washington, DC----------May 13, 2013

They always make you feel welcomed. I never have to wait more then 10 minutes. The whole practice is very friendly.

Linda----------Mechanicsville----------May 23, 2013

I love that my crown was done in 1 hour onsite - 1 visit. Crowns are expensive either way, but my time is valuable and tough to get 2 visits much better than that yuk mold and lab and waiting 2 weeks with a it!

Anonymous----------May 9, 2013

About as good of an experience as one can have at the dentist. The entire staff was friendly, courteous, and a pleasure to deal with. Dentists and hygienists are both very knowledgeable and professional. Would definitely recommend them t others.

Anonymous----------May 5, 2013

My husband, toddler and I always have a great time here. We schedule back to back appointments and our son loves the little playroom! For him to be content in an office setting for about 2 hours is amazing in itself, but it definitely helps children are welcomed here! Staff is always personable and general concerned on a personal level for their patients

Jacquelyn----------Mechanicsville----------May 5, 2013

My hygienist was excellent as always. The Marks family cares so much about the patients that I was almost examined by both Drs. Marks (lol). Anonymous----------May 5, 2013

I am so thankful for the caring family at Mark's Family Dentistry.

Karen--------Ashland, VA---------May 4,2013

Dr. Marks is great!

Meredith----------Richmond----------May 3, 2013

Going to the dentist is actually not that bad at Marks Family Dentistry. The staff is always friendly and courteous and they focus more on giving you the care and less on what the insurance company says you can have done.

Nicholas----------Mechanicsville----------May 3, 2013

Thanks Marks, my experience is always a pleasant one.

Terrance-------Highland Springs, VA-------May 3, 2013

Personable and friendly staff !! Excellent care !! Thorough examinations !! Gorgeous office !! My daughter and I will never go anywhere else !! You guys are great. Thank you so much for taking such good care of my family. You must know I feel like you are all an extension of my own family by now. I've been a patient for years and plan to continue til my teeth fall out !! lol. Happy May to Everyone!

Rebecca--------Hanover, VA--------May 1, 2013


I love these guys. Everyone makes you feel right at home. No fear!!

Virginia-------Henrico--------April 30, 2013

Keep doing what you're doing.

Anonymous----------April 30, 2013

As always, I received topnotch dental care at this vis

Betty----------Mechanicsville----------April 30, 2013

Great dentist!!! The dental hygienists are very thorough and patient with their customers. Also the atmosphere is very calming because dental procedures can be very stressful some times.

Meta----------Richmond----------April 30, 2013

This was my second visit, and again I was very pleased. The office is bright with modern equipment. The staff is polite and professionally dressed. Each person I came in contact with showed respect and was quick to answer questions. My dentist is concerned about my general health, as well as my dental health. This is a wonderful group of people.

Anonymous----------April 25, 2013

The hygienist was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Jeanne----------Mechanicsville----------April 25, 2013

My visit went very well, no problems. I was able to combine two visits into one, which saved me some travel time. I love having a dentist who will see me anytime I have a problem. I have been a patient of Dr. Marks for about 40 years and have been treated as a special patient every time I come in.

Frances----------Glen Allen----------April 25, 2013

It is always a pleasure to visit with Dr Marks and his staff.

Robin--------Mechanicsville--------April 25, 2013

Thank you for providing such professional service.

Peggy----------Mechanicsville----------April 23, 2013

We had a wonderful experience at Marks Family Dentistry. The children have said they Loved it!! Everyone was very friendly and the staff answered all of my questions. We came away with a great positive feeling, that we haven't had from our old dentist's office. Wonderful to work with you! Thank you.

Anonymous----------April 23, 2013

We had such a wonderful experience with you. The kids can't wait to come back! Thank you so much!

Anonymous----------April 18, 2013

Awesome! Love my dentist and everyone that works there. They're very professional and nice, even when they're demanding me to floss more (LOL). It's so clean too and the office is spacious, ugh I just love it.

Anonymous----------April 18, 2013

Excellent dentist office. They provide excellent dental care, the staff is great and they are always on time. I have recommended this office to several of my co-workers. I love this dentist office.

Elizabeth----------Richmond----------April 18, 2013

This has been quite a turbulent year for our family. You have allowed us to cancel and re-schedule and have been genuinely concerned when things were not going well. Your care for our teeth, as well as our family, will not be forgotten. You will always be our dentists as long as we live in Richmond and will be recommended highly to anyone I know of needing dental services. Thank you again.

Christine----------Mechanicsville ----------April 18, 2013

Not only professional service, but a relaxing environment.

Mary-Anne-------Ashland-------April 16, 2013

What a great experience from start to finish. Scheduling, cleaning, Dr visit all went so smooth.

Kenneth----------Henrico, VA----------April 15, 2012

Couldn't and wouldn't imagine going anywhere else!!!!!

Keri----------Mechanicsville----------April 14, 2013

Excellent as always!

Anonymous----------April 13, 2013

Fast, friendly service Keep up the GREAT job. Look forward to seeing you guys in 6 months

Robbie----------Mechanicsville----------April 12, 2013

The staff and doctors are warm and friendly. I always have a good experience. I always feel at ease.

Jo----------Mechanicsville----------April 11, 2013

Never been to a dentist that was so organized and with so many tools in the toolbox. It was great to see pictures taken by a pen then shown to me on what needed to be done to have better teeth. Great job. See ya soon.

Jeffrey---------Ashland---------------April 10, 2013

Very helpful and will work with your schedule.

Robert-----------Mechanicsville-----------April 8, 2012

Great local, friendly service...been a client for over 30 years.

David--------Mechanicsville--------April 5, 2013

Dr. Marks - Thank you for the phone call to check on me last night. I appreciate the good service.

Bill----------Providence Forge, VA----------April 1, 2013

The upfront approach about insurance worked for me! I have always wondered why "surprise" bills would appear!! I felt my teeth were cleaned and examined thoroughly!!! Thanks!!!!!!

Anonymous----------April 1, 2013


I have never been to such a professional business. They all are kind and quick. I recommend them to everyone.

Rodney----------Richmond----------March 30, 2013

I have been a patient with Dr. Marks for 9 years; the staff is very professional and friendly. Thank you!!!!!

Jennifer----------Richmond----------March 29, 2013

Prompt, courteous, professional service! Thank You to an incredible staff!

Tracy----Mechanicsville----March 29, 2013

I am very afraid of dentists, Dr. Marks made me feel as comfortable as I could possibly be. When I received his hand signed letter I was touched. You don't find that kind of service anywhere these day. Thank you, I look forward to seeing him again. Dr. Marks was excellent. He has a wonderful bed side manner, very courteous, and great personality. After having many bad experiences with bad dentists, he was a breath of fresh air. I am so happy I was referred to him!

Marcia (NEW PATIENT)----------Mechanicsville----------March 24, 2013

Dr. Marks is the best. He is professional, takes his time and is very nice. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Top notch service.

Anonymous----------March 15, 2013

As always, great service from a courteous and friendly staff!!

Stephen-------Mechanicsville--------March 14, 2013

All the dentists and assisting staff perform outstandingly. They know exactly what to do and they do everything in a manner that is comfortable and reassuring to the patient. Thank you for your years of care for me and my family and friends. Keep up the good work.

Anne---------Midlothian, VA----------March 14, 2013

Very professional with that personal touch. Not always easy to achieve. Well done Marks family!

Mary----------Mechanicsville----------March 13, 2013

My hygienist does a great job!!!!

Robert----------Mechanicsville----------March 13, 2013

My crown came out and Their team immediately worked me into the schedule.

Anonymous--------March 12, 2013

Great service and consistent professionalism!

Anonymous----------March 11, 2013

Having an implant was not bad at all. Much easier than I anticipated!

Jeanne-----Mechanicsville------March 8, 2013

I was delighted with my visit. Everyone was polite and cordial. My dental hygienist was very kind and I look forward to my next visit. My teeth were clean, clean, clean!! Thank you.

Victoria (NEW PATIENT) ------Mechanicsville-----March 7, 2013

The staff are always prompt and friendly. I had a cavity filled, and if I had gone in for a filling 10 years ago, I would have been terrified. Marks Family Dentistry has alleviated all of my fears about going to the dentist. I truly credit Dr. Marks care and gentle treatment.

Amy----------Ashland, VA----------March 6, 2013


Anonymous----------March 6, 2013

As always Marks Family Dentistry was great.

Amanda----------Mechanicsville----------March 5, 2013

Customer service and dental service excellent as always. No waiting. Professional, competent, and personable staff.

Patricia----------Urbanna, VA----------March 1, 2013


I live in Urbanna and still travel to Richmond to be seen by you all. I have switched all other medical care to Gloucester....but I will not change Dentists. Thanks so much.

Patricia------Urbanna, VA-------February 27, 2013

I always receive excellent service, as well as the staff is great. Keep up the great work. You guys seem to be a well oiled machine.

Michelle----------Richmond----------February 27, 2013

Always a good experience at Marks Family Dentistry!

Berkeley------Hampden-Sydney, VA----February 26, 2013

I had not been to a dentist for several years previously, so I needed some serious cleaning. I have a long history of dental caries (i.e., tooth decay) which I have been ignoring to my own detriment for a long time. Now I realize dental caries is an infectious, multi-factorial disease. Although I have been drinking fluoride water and brushing twice a day with a fluoride tooth paste, I have not been meticulous with my oral hygiene. These behaviors are changing, thanks to Dr Marks and his patient, gentle staff. We devised a comprehensive treatment plan to start my road to recovery and a beautiful smile. His staff has helped me tackle the insurance world to cover most of the expenses. The offices were clean, the staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and patient, and I had positive experiences at the dentist office for the first time ever.

In my opinion, Dr. Marks is a great dentist with a kind and caring way that explains what is going on and that alleviates the fear and apprehension and allows you to trust the treatment. Dr. Marks and his team are taking good care of me and helping me break life- time habits and develop new healthy habits. Thank you Marks Family Dentistry. Just keep doing what you are doing! You are a pleasure to work with!

Terry----------Henrico, VA----------February 22, 2013

I truly appreciate the care that Dr. Marks showed me during my visit for root canal and subsequent crown. He has a tremendous gift for the work he does and for working with an anxious patient. I greatly appreciate the care Dr. Marks and the receptionist showed me this week! I am grateful!

Melodie----------Mechanicsville----------February 21, 2013

I have been a patient since Dr. Marks first started his practice in the 70's. I have always been completely satisfied and have recommended many patients. People (mostly strangers) are always complimenting me on my pretty teeth and smile and ask me what dentist I use. Dr. Marks gave me cards I can hand out. My hygienists is the best.....please don't leave anytime soon!

Julia----------Aylett, VA----------February 21, 2013

Another great experience for my 7 yr. old son! Tooth extraction was quick and painless. Thanks to everyone at Marks Family Dentistry for continuing to make our visits so comfortable and relaxed! Thank you to the Doctor and staff for making his tooth extraction so easy! He's feeling much better and can finally eat his apples again. We're both grateful that you were able to fit us in same-day and take care of him in such a caring manner.

Tyler----------Mechanicsville----------February 20, 2013

Wow! What great technology! I had a crown created yesterday. Dr. Marks used their CAD/CAM system to create a 3D image of a new crown and then their CAM machine created it in 13 minutes. It fit the first time. Dr. Marks called last night to see how I was doing. I told him I couldn't even tell I had been to the dentist. No pain or discomfort. Grade A facility and staff. Super technology!

William----------Mechanicsville----------February 19, 2013

Awesome experience for my first visit and for my 3 year old twins very first dentist appointment! The hygienist was wonderful not only cleaning our teeth but making them feel like the whole thing was fun! She answered tons of questions and made them feel so safe and like superstars! They continue to talk about wanting to go back to the dentist! Thank you also to Dr. Marks who alleviated a mother's concerns about her childrens' teeth. See you in August!

Cynthia----------Ashland, VA----------February 19, 2013

For someone who has a real fear of being in a dentist office, I found this to be one of the few times I have actually been comfortable. I knew immediately that my concerns were important to the staff and those concerns would be met. I see nothing but positive results coming. I am so happy that I found Marks Family Dentistry and wish I had come sooner.

Marie----------Mechanicsville----------February 16, 2013

I appreciate fitting me in for emergency dental work, also the follow up telephone call by Dr. Marks, personally.

Marie A----------Mechanicsville----------February 16, 2013

I have never had a more positive and relaxing experience at a dental office as I did at Marks family Dentistry. Dr. Marks is wonderful. I never felt a thing not even when he was giving me the injections . The staff is also wonderful. After calling in on a Friday afternoon when they were just about ready to close the office, they called me back within minutes and told me to come right in. You Guys are great and I would recommend you to everyone! Keep up the great work.

April----------Mechanicsville----------February 16, 2013


Anonymous----------February 14, 2013

As always.... the visit was exceptional. Dr. Marks is an artist!

Beverly----------Hampden-Sydney, VA----------February 14, 2013

Yet another in a long line of positive experiences with all you the folks. My thanks to all of you and Happy Valentine's Day! On Wednesday, February 13 I arrived a few minutes early for the 3:10 appointment I had made that morning. Immediately after a pleasant greeting, Dr. Marks' assistant took me back to the "comfy chair" where my crown was quickly re-glued on my implant. Dr. Marks and his assistant (my visit was so fast I didn't even get her name, sorry) were so efficient that; I was treated, had paid my bill, had a friendly chat with the gals at the front desk, received my complimentary helium filled Valentine heart balloon, and was headed back out to my vehicle five minutes after my scheduled appointment time. As always at Marks Dentistry, a great experience!

Harry----------Sandston, VA----------February 14, 2013

As always, your staff was outstanding.

Wesley----------Studley, VA----------February 11, 2013

As always, the care I received was first rate. I've never had a complaint about service at Marks.

Doug-----------Richmond----------February 8, 2013

Outstanding as always! That is why I drive from Midlothian to Mechanicsville to go to the dentist.

Robert----------Midlothian----------February 7, 2013

As always, I'm very pleased with my recent dental work done by Dr. Marks. After having one of my caps pop off, he was able to cement it back on until we could schedule an appointment for a new one to be made in its place. He did excellent work and matched the color perfectly. No one would ever be able to tell the difference. Dr. Marks is always on top of my health issues checking to make sure I've taken my medication prior to my appointment. I always highly recommend him and his family practice. Thank you all for caring and taking such good care of your patients.

Jean----------Mechanicsville----------February 7, 2013

Always friendly, informative, and never push procedures on me or my family that we do not need! Very Trustworthy!!! Thanks for the Great Work.

Darryl----------Mechanicsville----------February 6, 2013

Root canals will never be fun, but Dr. Marks did a great job explaining each step. Within 24 hours, the pain from the root canal had decreased to mild discomfort. And what a relief to have the toothache pain disappear!

Sheila----------Kilmarnock, VA----------February 6, 2013

Thank you for squeezing me in the schedule when I had a minor change with a crown that had come loose. As for my first real visit to the practice, it was a pleasure. Your office has the most friendly, helpful staff. The office has the most up to date equipment I have seen compared to other offices. Dr. Norman Marks is professional, personable, and extremely skilled in his field. He goes out of his way to make you comfortable, and answers your questions so you can understand them. I am very pleased with your practice.

Shaun (New Patient)----------Williamsburg, VA----------February 6, 2013

Doctor and Nurses very friendly and they take the time they need to their job with no pain during your treatment. It is very relaxing!!!!

Emma----------Henrico, VA----------February 4, 2013

Dr. Marks care and gentle treatment will make me return and recommend him to friends and colleagues. One couldn't ask for a better choice in a dental care professional. His patience and understanding makes all the difference. His entire team mirrors his approach and level of care and concern.

Anonymous (NEW PATIENT)----------February 3, 2013

My hygienist was great, the best I have ever had.

James---------Mechanicsville----------February 3. 2013


My first visit and was very impressed with professionalism, caring staff and dentists!

Melodie (NEW PATIENT)---------Mechanicsville----------January 31, 2013

My hygienist is a very thorough young lady who does her job diligently. She's very careful and keeps her mind on what she's doing. Candice is a lovely young lady and I enjoy her work ethics.

Victoria---------Mechanicsville----------January 30, 2013

My hygienists does a wonderful job!

Anonymous----------January 30, 2013

Visit went well. Staff was pleasant as always

John---------Mechanicsville----------January 30, 2013

Many kudos to Marks Family Dentistry. Dr. Marks was incredible--no pain--all the way from the anesthesia to the completion of the procedure. He had a ready answer to my questions. The assistants were very friendly and knowledgeable as well. In short, from start to finish, the experience was very good. If a dental procedure could ever be called pleasurable, this would be it.

Glenn---------Mechanicsville----------January 29, 2013

Great experience, as always. Staff from top to bottom is efficient and friendly.

Robert---------Mechanicsville ----------January 29, 2013

Very Professional

Ryan----------Manquin, VA----------January 29, 2013

Excellent Care!

Anonymous----------January 27, 2013

Everyone is always great!

Dorothy---------Mechanicsville ----------January 25, 2013

Great experience---My hygienist is wonderful!

Anne----------Richmond----------January 25, 2013

Great care. Dr. Marks has been our dentist since he opened his practice. Great dentist and friend! We couldn't get better care!

Joyce---------Mechanicsville----------January 23, 2013

As always going to see Dr. Marks and his wonderful staff is a joy. I'm treated like family and look forward to my next visit. The best!

Fred---------Mechanicsville----------January 23, 2013

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and excellent my treatment was. I have a painful 48 year history with dentists, and I can happily say that this was THE BEST visit I ever had at a dentist office. Not only were the assistants, hygienists, & dentist constantly aware of my personal comfort, they "listened" & acted accordingly. They made my visit as inexpensive as possible, and pain free as possible. I am a permanent patient of Marks Family Dentistry! Thank you again for your excellence in my treatments. I can't believe that I can say to a dentist that I'm looking forward to my next visit.

Leigh---------Mechanicsville ----------January 22, 2013

Love, love, love this practice!! You took a totally dental phobic person to someone who can walk in the office without assistance!! HUGE!!! Amazing!! As always!! Love Doctor Marks and everyone there!!

Mindy---------Mechanicsville---------January 21, 2013

Very professional and a great bedside manner. Dr. Marks even came in on his day off for my emergency. They have something a lot of others don't anymore... Genuine concern for their patients' well-being and comfort.

Mark--------Mechanicsville--------January 20, 2013

As always, I received good, quality service in a timely fashion by staff members who truly care about the patients.

Doug---------Richmond--------January 19, 2013

Everyone was great, the perfect balance of professionalism and personality. Thanks!

John--------Richmond--------January 18, 2013

They do a great job, my teeth feel terrific and my children have a great time too.

Alyson--------Mechanicsville--------January 17, 2013

Always detailed and great service. Friendly

Stephen--------Mechanicsville--------January 16, 2013

Everything was A-OK

Tracy--------Mechanicsville--------January 16, 2013

Great experience with my dental hygienist. She took the time to explain each procedure and all the options. Dr. Marks was very patient and seemed genuinely concerned with my total well being.

Anonymous--------January 15, 2013

Excellent Service! Best dentist in the area

Carol--------Mechanicsville--------January 15, 2013

The office is great. My hygienist did a wonderful job, the appointment was on time. The dentist spent a lot of time with me, which is rare most places.

Josh--------Mechanicsville--------January 13, 2013

Everything was wonderful as usual! Thanks

Catherine--------Mechanicsville--------January 13, 2013

My hygienist had a brilliant idea to have my youngest son watch his older brother get his teeth cleaned yesterday. My older son has always had a great disposition for dental care. The notion was my 3 year old would observe and perhaps form a positive view of sitting in the big dental chair and allowing people to clean his teeth. His previous 1st visit to have a stained tooth examined did not go very well. After my older son's cleaning my younger son said, "my turn" and was surprisingly ready to jump in the chair. I was in complete shock and the hygienist played along just to see if he was willing. She was able to count his teeth AND perform some gentle cleaning with the 'real' instrument! Wow! Please thank her for always being extra patient and sensitive with our 3 children. And thank her for taking the extra time to introduce our son to the world of dental care.

Richard--------Mechanicsville--------January 10, 2013

Always the best of care provided with Marks Family Dentistry and has been for the 20 plus years that I have been associated with them.

Robert--------Chesterfield, VA--------January 10, 2013

They go out of their way to make you comfortable.

Kim--------Mechanicsville--------January 5, 2013

Professional. Sensitive to my time. Called ahead to let me know I could come in early. Cleanliness!

Robert--------Mechanicsville--------January 4, 2013

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